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Begin and end your day with gratitude as you relish two of nature’s most awe-inspiring moments. Embrace the rare luxury of being able to witness panoramic views of both sunrise and sunset from our island paradise, coupled with unconventional and unusual experiences designed to enhance these divine moments each day.

Celebrate Nature’s Spectacular Moments Every Day

Connect to the energy of dawn and let it filter into the rest of your day. Surrender to the tranquillity of sunrise and allow it to calm, mind, body and soul as the water reflects the soft hues of first light during a paddle board yoga session. Or immerse yourself in a Maldivian warrior workout for excellent full body strengthening. Complete your session with a refreshing detox water and nurture your body with a delicious breakfast on a traditional dhoni. Embrace nightfall with a sunset cruise, delectable cocktail in hand, or on a memorable fishing trip as you watch the sun make its steady descent into the ocean.