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Veli creatively and contemporarily interprets traditional Asian-Fusion cuisine, with a unique, beach-front dining location – perfectly complemented by a small, more private set-up, modern décor, Yakiniku-style tables and an open kitchen. The restaurant also offers amazing tandoori cuisine from a traditional Indian oven.


The epitome of contemporary beachside dining, this remarkable restaurant is the ultimate place to indulge in the exotic flavours of the East. In the open kitchen, highly-skilled chefs create a plethora of exquisite dishes which include everything from expertly prepared sushi and Chinese specialities to Korean favourites, Singaporean dishes and tandoori cuisine which is prepared in a traditional Indian oven. A phenomenal venue for a special dinner, this exceptional restaurant offers private Yakiniku-style dining or the simple pleasure of dining under the stars while enjoying sublime, Asian-inspired meals that promise to be unforgettable. 


Veli is open for dinner between 19.00 and 22.30.

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