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Your Winter Holiday at Kanuhura

November 05 2019

The mere mention of ‘the Maldives’ evokes images of picturesque islands, magazine-worthy luxury hotels and golden beaches. Quite literally the definition of paradise, this highly-coveted honeymoon and holiday destination is nothing short of dreamlike; for many who have been, it’s one of the few destinations in the world where what you see in highly photoshopped high-end travel magazines is actually what you get when you see it for yourself.


The Maldives - the “Garland of Islands” as it’s sometimes known - is an archipelago made up of some 1190 individual islands and amongst them, you will find local islands, uninhabited islands and unparalleled luxury resort islands like our very own five-star gypset paradise: Kanuhura. And the best part is that the resort is an easy (and picturesque) 40-minute seaplane flight from Malé.

A holiday spent at Kanuhura is an excellent choice for many reasons (the magnificent long stretches of beach, the gypset atmosphere and experience, and the scintillating tropical lagoon being some of the highlights), but there’s one thing that makes this destination so spectacularly unique - it’s the perfect option for beachside holidays throughout the year. Thanks to the tropical climate and excellent year-round weather, you can expect temperatures in the high 20s (ºC) even in winter!

If you are looking to escape the cold this winter (and to be the envy of all of your friends and family), then this is what your winter holiday at Kanuhura could involve:

Mojitos with a view

As people are shovelling snow out of their driveways for the umpteenth time, you could be sitting in the heart of paradise, sipping on your favourite variation of Kanuhura’s popular Mojitos (or one of the other tasty signature cocktails) dreamed up by the excellent mixologists at the resort. 


With Iru’s Mojito bar, the classic mojito can be served in all its limey, minty rum goodness, or with a flavour twist sure to send shivers down your spine. While others are shaking the snow off their coats, you could be picking your drink of choice and then finding the ultimate seat - one of the bar’s swings, in one of the beach teepees or a sea-facing hammock perhaps - from which to watch the Indian Ocean illuminated in shades of purple and pink as you relish a fabled Maldivian sunset. 

Now that’s how you should be spending a winter holiday!

Sunrise yoga

One of the magical things about Kanuhura’s location in the Lhaviyani Atoll is that it offers prime views of sunset as well as sunrise on either side of the island. For lovers of the outdoors and for those who want to soak up every moment in the Maldives, a sunrise yoga session is a must. 


Catered primarily to beginners, this early morning yoga session will set your day up to be exceptional and will encourage you to feel truly present and able to appreciate the unbelievable beauty of this tropical paradise to the fullest. Post-yoga, enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast to the sound of the ocean and spare a thought for your family and friends shivering in the cold back home. 

Immerse yourself in the tropical water

A trip to the Maldives would be amiss without at least a few hours worth of snorkelling. The gorgeous, long beaches here fade into crystalline waters, home to a huge house reef which comes alive with a variety of corals and vivid marine life. From black-tipped reef sharks to an array of colourful fish and more, there’s so much to see here when snorkelling (or even just by peeking over the edge of your water villa). 


Kanuhura also offers memorable dolphin spotting tours (during which you might also be lucky enough to spot sea turtles), diving expeditions (as well as diving courses for those who aren’t yet qualified or who would like to upskill), fishing tours, a host of water sports (many of which are complimentary) and an unforgettable luxury sunset cruise (complete with champagne) for those who would like to live their best island life even in ‘winter’.

Embrace the great outdoors

With incredible temperatures throughout the year, there’s every opportunity for you to make the most of the great outdoors when holidaying at Kanuhura. From meandering through the lush tropical gardens and seeing the rare orchid in the orchid garden to making the most of the daily programme, water sports and beaches, your ‘winter’ days at Kanuhura are made to be enjoyed. One of the most unforgettable ways to embrace the outdoors is to experience Kanuhura’s famous outdoor cinema, where you can enjoy cinematic masterpieces under the stars.

Dine in unusual ways 

For gourmets, there’s no shortage of exceptional dining experiences to be had at Kanuhura, and for those who like unique and novel dining experiences, you certainly won’t be disappointed. From special menus and interesting tasting opportunities to being able to request a romantic dinner “dine in the sand” style (where the seating is actually dug out of the actual beach), the options are virtually endless. 


By far one of the best ways to enjoy the stunning weather and a winter holiday at Kanuhura, however, is to head over to Masleggihura, one of Kanuhura’s two deserted islands, where you can request a private picnic. Relish the serenity and gourmet snacks that accompany this luxury “castaway experience” and make the most of the stunning surrounds and beautiful beach.

Does the thought of a once-in-a-lifetime winter holiday in the sun sound like your idea of perfection? Then book your stay with us and get up to 40% off on your accommodation and leave the freezing, grey-tinted gloom behind this winter. 

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