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Where Is the Maldives and Why Do We Love This Country?

October 25 2017

Where Is the Maldives and Why Do We Love This Country?

The are many exceptional island destinations in the world but few live up to the perfect image of tropical utopia in the way the Maldives does. The epitome of paradise, the Maldives offers island perfection the likes of which you typically only find in coffee table books or highly edited postcards—without the touch-ups. It’s an collection of exclusive, secluded islands, expanses of powdery white beaches and brilliant azure waters, a destination of unbridled beauty and tranquillity featuring some of the most glamourous luxury accommodation in the world.

Yet, many travellers still have the question: Where is the Maldives exactly?

The Maldives, a unique archipelago of approximately 1,190 individual coral islands that are grouped into 26 coral atolls, spans 90,000 square kilometres of the gorgeous clear, tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. Technically classified as Southern Asia, the archipelago lies south-southwest of India, southwest of Sri Lanka and straddles the equator. Of the 1190 odd islands, around 200 are inhibited and an additional 80 of them are exclusively reserved for resorts, many of which are surrounded by coral reefs which create lagoons and act as protective barriers.

The bustling and densely populated capital of the Maldives, Male, serves as an extraordinary contrast to the rest of the typically laid-back country of opulent resorts, infinity pools and exquisite accommodation options. Most travellers will fly into Male’s international airport, which is actually located on a small private island called Hulule, adjacent to the capital, and take a smaller aircraft or shuttle to their resort island from there.

You should have a better idea where the Maldives is, but why exactly is it such a coveted holiday destination?

We’ll explain some of the top reasons we absolutely adore the Maldives:

It’s pure paradise

Coconut palm trees border soft isolated stretches of beaches lapped by pristine crystalline waters, the Maldives is tranquillity personified. The remote islands offer pure and peaceful sanctuaries for wild-hearted adventurers, far from the daily trials and tribulations of normal life—in fact, you will feel as if you had been transported to a world where stress simply does not exist.   

Due to its proximity to the equator and its tropical climate, the Maldives is a spectacular destination most of the year, with low temperatures of 24ºC and highs of approximately 35ºC. The best months to visit are from December to February. March and April are the shoulder months and the months from November to April are normally warm but rain can be expected. Some resorts offer phenomenal specials during this time.

It offers world-class diving

With crystal-clear waters, a protective reef and shallow lagoons, the diving in the Maldives is unparalleled, two of the famed diving destinations being Fish Head and Banana Reef. The optimal conditions and mesmerising reefs also ensure that the opportunities for snorkelling are equally enjoyable for those that don’t dive. In fact, if you opt to stay in a sea villa (yes, a villa built on stilts that rise directly out of the ocean) the chances are, all you will need to do is look over your balcony to get a glimpse of the incredibly prolific and diverse sea life (including small reef sharks and stingrays). The huge reefs are pristine and even snorkelers can spot exquisite turtles feeding along them, flanked by shoals of exotic and colourful fish. The waters here are teeming with vibrant sea life and corals that are just waiting to be explored.

For those who want to experience close encounters with some of the larger marine life, dolphin excursions are an absolute must as is the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in one of the best locations to do so in the world. The Maldives is undoubtedly a water lover’s ultimate playground.

The food is spectacular

From global fare to phenomenal local dishes, the Maldives has everything epicures could dream of. The luxury resorts tend to have an extensive offering of food choices which consist of familiar international favourites such as Italian cuisine, to an abundance of fresh seafood. The local restaurants will give you an authentic taste of the Maldives—dishes which are bound to include coconut, fresh seafood and aromatic spices.

Water sports abound

While diving at the famed sites and snorkelling are absolute musts, water sports fans have a wide range of alternative water-based activities to choose from. Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and surfing are excellent in the Maldives. Prime conditions and gorgeous tranquil waters inside the lagoons make for wonderful experiences trying out the variety of activities on offer while surfers will revel in the outstanding reef breaks.

In the Maldives, you have ample opportunity to find waves where you aren’t vying for wave space. And with the perfect conditions (credited particularly to the storms at sea which bring incredible swell), avid surfers are bound to find prime surf spots. If you have some experience, Laamu Atoll has the most consistent wave of the archipelago—the Yin Yang Break—but with strong swells and sizable barrels, it’s definitely not for beginners. There are, however, many other phenomenal spots that are considerably less challenging and dangerous for beginners.

The colourful culture

The culture of the Maldivians is rich and vibrant. The Maldivians trace their ancestral roots back to Sri Lanka, India, Northern Africa and the Arabs—people who happened upon the Maldives by virtue of the Indian Ocean trading routes. Through the fusion of different cultures, the Maldivians have created and preserved a unique cultural DNA, characterised by oral folklore and mythology which has been passed from generation to generation. One of the most popular folk dances, the boduberu is a lively performance enhanced by the use of drums (of a similar name to the actual performance: bodu beru) and a lead singer. It forms an integral part of local celebrations and festivals and is now often sung in the local language, Dhivehi.

It’s perfect for romantic getaways

Looking for the ultimate honeymoon destination? Somewhere to celebrate your anniversary? Or just seeking an incredibly tranquil sanctuary to escape to for a romantic holiday away with your significant other? If so, then you would battle to find a more perfect place than the Maldives. Many of the incredible resorts are situated on their own private islands surrounded by swaying palm trees and turquoise waters. Secluded candlelit dinners, private sea villas and world-class spas are three of the many reasons that make this a first-class destination for couples.

If you have your question of “where is the Maldives?” answered, but would like to voyage there to experience the unbelievable beauty for yourself, then look no further than our flagship resort Kanuhura. This five-star hotel offers unparalleled luxury accommodation coupled with impeccable service and hospitality on an exclusive island in the Maldives, where expanses of crystal-clear water and perfect white beaches are abundant. Indulge in our delectable cuisine, sunbathe in seclusion on the veranda of your water villa, explore the extraordinary marine life or allow us to pamper you at our sensational spa. A holiday spent at Kanuhura in the Maldives is guaranteed to be out of this world.


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