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Turtle Hatchling Release at Kanuhura

April 30 2019

Kanuhura is a sublime holiday destination with swoon-worthy tropical surrounds and a gorgeously designed hotel that is as stylish as it is luxurious. This unparalleled slice of paradise is not just reserved for honeymooners and discerning sun worshippers; it’s also an exquisite retreat for nature enthusiasts and families eager to share unforgettable moments with their loved ones.


Undoubtedly some of the most memorable experiences that Kanuhura offers centres on some of the local wildlife. Here’s more:
An experience that will never be forgotten


Among the most extraordinary experiences that Kanhuhura offers its guests is the opportunity to witness endangered sea turtles from Leatherback, Loggerhead and Hawksbill Turtles to Green, and Olive-Ridley Turtles either nesting on the beach, hatching or being released into the tropical waters that surround the gorgeous island, and which the five mentioned species of turtles (five of the seven species in the world) call home. 
These amazing moments are pivotal to the survival of the turtles
As many of the turtles in the world are actually endangered, it’s a huge honour that some of them choose Kanuhura as a place to nest in an effort to ensure the survival of their species. And Kanuhura knows just how important these moments are for the turtles.


At the core of the turtle experiences at Kanuhura is the passion of all those who work there to ensure these wonderful and rare creatures are celebrated and protected, with Kanuhura not only bringing awareness of the sea turtle plight to their guests but also to assist in the efforts of the Atoll Marine Centre to rehabilitate the baby hatchlings and to care for any turtles in need.
On 26 April guests were spoilt to a momentous event
On 26 April 2019 guests at Kanuhura enjoyed a hugely rewarding event; the release of eight Green Sea Turtle hatchlings that were successfully rehabilitated by the Atoll Marine Centre and were finally ready to enter their next chapter of life by being released back into the wild - the Indian Ocean. 


This exceptional event saw the Marine Team head the release, with guests of all ages able to enjoy “front row seats” to this moving and unforgettable, event. Guests were also afforded the opportunity to ask the Marine Team any questions they had about the sea turtles, their precarious place in the world and the importance of their survival. 

As part of the hugely successful event, bracelets made from ghost nets discarded or lost fishing nets, which are virtually transparent and are enormously dangerous for all living creatures in the seas and which negatively impact the overall health of our oceans were available in exchange for donations. 
The donations received from these handmade bracelets will be used to boost the efforts of the rehabilitation centre in further educating others on what the dangers and difficulties are for the sea turtles as well as help look after other turtles that are injured or sick. 


The incredibly valuable work of those at the rehabilitation centre (and of course, others like it around the world) the people and guests at Kanuhura and all of the donations, mean that these turtles have a real chance at survival. Not only is it important to ensure that future generations are able to witness these amazing creatures, but it’s also crucial that we work to retain the balance in the eco-system as much as possible. The natural world, and it’s many gorgeous creatures, which is hugely under threat, deserves the best chance it can get.
If you would like more information on these sublime experiences at Kanuhura or how you could contribute to the cause, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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