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The Top 3 Reasons Why Kids Love Kanuhura

January 30 2020

Going on holiday with your family is about so much more than “getting out of the city” for a while. It’s about quality time spent exploring new places and sharing exciting, novel experiences. It’s about connecting with your loved ones in the best of circumstances, without the stress and routine of day-to-day living. It’s about letting your kids be kids and allowing them to enjoy safe, age-appropriate activities and games that provide more value than just entertainment. It’s all these things, and much more. 

family holiday Kanuhura Maldives

There’s arguably no better destination to choose for your family holiday than Kanuhura in the Maldives. This exquisite five-star gypset paradise has myriad activities for guests of every age. Adults can embrace the magic of the world-class spa, the luxury amenities and comforts in the stunning, family-friendly accommodation, the array of outdoor activities and the clutch of sensational bars and novel culinary delights. Children can live out their holiday dreams at the kids club, in the glittering cyan waters and along the powder-fine shores. Kanuhura is a tropical playground for guests of every age.

If you are curious just what makes Kanuhura so special for little guests, then here are the top three reasons that kids love Kanuhura:

  1. They have ample opportunities to get creative 

For kids with a flair for the creative (or those who just enjoy being arty), Kanuhura has a plethora of arts and crafts classes that are sure to be as rewarding as they are fun. Your little ones can unleash their inner artists and relish the experience. And the best part is that you get to take home all of their new artwork. Here are two of the most loved creative activities at the kids club:

  • Coconut Painting

Coconuts grow prolifically in the Maldives, and Kanuhura is no exception. This abundant fruit grows on palm trees dotted across the island and once they are ripe, they fall on the beach. Some are used for coconut water while others aren’t, and simply brown in the sun. The latter are then collected by the gardners who bring them to the kids club. 

The coconuts are then cleaned and given to the kids to paint—a blank, albeit unique, canvas that allows children to let their imaginations run wild. The kids have a choice of colours, from reds, blues, greens and oranges to pinks and purples and everything in between (it’s good to note that these paints are both child- and environmentally-friendly). Once completed, the painted coconuts stay in the kids club to dry, after which they are ready for packing to take home as the perfect island memento from your stay at Kanuhura.

  • Sand Colouring 

Most kids love to play with the beautifully fine beach sand at Kanuhura, and, even more so when they get to make art with it! As part of the activity, the kids are given buckets and head out with their newfound kids club friends to the nearby beach to collect the softest, finest sand they can find for this fabulous activity. 

The faster they collect their sand, the sooner they can start their artistic journey! Aprons and gloves must be worn, they are given a little sand art starter pack that includes a small cup for mixing the sand with colours (food colour dyes and kid-friendly), a spoon and a glass jar in which the colourful sand will be layered. Older or more experienced kids can use a toothpick to shape the layers. 

For kids interested in these kinds of classes, there are several other arts and crafts classes they can enjoy at the kids club, from dream catcher and bookmark making sessions to stone painting, clay art and doodle classes, there are a wealth of arty things to do at Kanuhura. 

Arts & crafts Kanuhura

Any of these arts and crafts could be a great idea for a Christmas gift or present to start off the new year for a special family member or your kids could keep their coconut memento which always remind them of a special trip away. 

  1. They can partake in some truly awe-inspiring nature projects

Kanuhura is a tropical paradise, with incredible flora and fauna existing in abundance on the main island as well as its two neighbouring islands. Not only are the islands beautiful, they allow guests of all ages to have some exceptional nature-based experiences. The kids club offers a huge range of outdoor activities, but the ones that allow them to interact with nature—and the ones that kids particularly love—are: 

  • Turtle releases and hatchings

The moments people tend to remember the most are typically unique experiences rooted in unbelievable emotions. Two such things your children are bound to remember, are a turtle releases and witnessing turtle hatchlings. 

Over the last two years, the Atoll Marine Centre has released some 25 green turtle hatchlings on Kanuhura’s beach. The centre receives some of the turtles from locals that were gifted the animals while others are found on the shore. Sadly, not all of them are in great condition when they are found, so the centre rehabilitates them (which often includes medical treatment and saltwater rehabilitation—a long sensitive process which involves introducing salt water to the turtles so that they can acclimatise back to the ocean’s environment), in order for them to become independent and to increase their chance of survival in their natural habitat. 

Only 1 in 1000 hatchlings survive to adulthood—they are faced with many challenges and threats, with eggs being a prime target for ghost crabs, raccoons, seabirds and dogs among other predators. 

Grown up turtles risk being eaten by sharks or whales and from humans, they are at risk of being hunted (for their shells meat, skin and eggs). It’s so important to teach children about our world’s creatures, the threats they face and how we can positively impact the process. This is also why it’s crucial to witness the releases and celebrate with your little ones. These are experiences your kids aren’t likely to forget.

There’s also something truly magical about being able to observe sea turtles hatching in their own natural habitat and for the past year, we have seen some 200 hatchlings from four nests across Kanuhura and its two neighbouring islands. 

Allow your children to be a part of the next hatching, which should take place around mid-December and together with your family, you can learn more about the different species in Kanuhura and the ways to protect them. Kanuhura’s in-house marine biologist conducts humorous yet educational classes (on the beach, at the kids club and in their office) and even takes kids on island walks to spot new nests and help with hatchling where necessary as well as help collect data. This incredible activity is as fun as it is informative, and who knows which school projects, ideas or future endeavours this might assist or inspire in the future. 

  • Adopt a turtle

If your kids absolutely love the turtle programmes and experiences, then a fabulous way to encourage this passion further is to let your kids adopt a turtle (perhaps it could even be their Christmas gift?). Your children or the whole family, can adopt a turtle by looking at the adoption booklet and choosing their favourite; each of the turtles in the programme have an amazing story. Once you have picked your favourite turtle, you fill out the adoption form and send payment ($30 to adopt one for three months, $45 to adopt for 6 months and $60 to adopt for a year), it’s as easy as that.

Once the adoption has gone through, you will receive a personalised adoption certificate, the turtle’s ID card and a fact sheet specific to it, monthly updates and photos and the monthly Marine Centre newsletter. You can even follow your adopted turtle on social media and see how popular they are—it’s a wonderfully enriching experience for all.

  • Coral Planting 

You and your family can contribute to the well-being of the ocean during a truly special activity. Bond over the new coral restoration program, where you and your kids will learn about growing coral in optimal conditions and then replacing it in parts of the reef that has damaged. This is done via coral frames, lines and trees all is part of the research and restoration process, which helps to fight the loss of reefs in the Maldives.

You and your family can adopt a coral fragment and, along with the marine biologist, help to plant an entire frame. This activity generates donations for the Atoll Marine Centre, which will be used towards further coral restoration efforts and sea turtle rehabilitation programmes. Corals are part of the marine ecosystem and play a huge role in the lives of the turtles—they give them a place to hide and sleep and even can house food sources (sponges) for them. If your kids are nature or turtle crazy, it’s another activity they will love.

If you won’t be at Kanuhura over the festive season, a fun New Year’s resolution could be to visit Kanuhura and partake in some of the nature activities mentioned. Keep in mind that another fabulous time to be at Kanuhura is Easter (in 2019 9 turtles were released at Kanuhura over Easter).

  1.  They have their own VIP cooking classes

Another reason Kanuhura is so popular with kids is that here’s a huge array of incredible cooking classes on offer, specifically aimed at little guests. Food-related classes include:

  • Cupcake decorating classes

Your little ones can don a full chef’s outfit and enjoy the magic of decorating their very own cupcakes. The cupcakes are provided (gluten-free versions are available on request) as are all the necessary decorating items—from colourful icing and sprinkles, to crushes cookies, marshmallows, M&Ms and more. The kids can give their decorated cupcakes away (to family or friends) or simply enjoy their beautiful treats and even partake in a first-to-decorate/eat competition while at it. 

  • Ravioli and tortellini

Kids can enjoy a fabulous pasta-making class at Bottega, where, in their little chef’s uniform, they will learn the art of this Italian favourite. The chef will take them through the processes and allow them to watch how the dough is rolled and then help to cut the dough. Children then learn how to fill the pasta pockets (with the filling of their choice) and close them, according to the shape they prefer—ravioli or tortellini. Once the kids have finished making their pasta pockets, the chef cooks them, serves them with a touch of sauce and finishes them off with some herbs. The kids can enjoy the feeling of having made their own special pasta using all the right techniques and it’s something you can do together when you return home!

  •  Pizza 

Preparations for the pizza class starts with kids making their own chef’s hats, complete with their names, colours and designs of their choosing. This helps the chef to refer to them by name. In the class they get dressed in the appropriate kitchen attire and head to Bottega. The kids then have the chance to roll their dough (gluten-free dough is available on request), put on the tomato base and add their favourite toppings while sharing their ‘pizza-making secrets’ with their friends. Their creations are then cooked in a pizza oven and they can enjoy them hot. They finish the class off with a piece of Nutella pizza—che bueno! 

  • Gingerbread cookies

During the festive season a special class is added: the gingerbread baking class, for a little Christmas flavour in the Maldives. Kids mix all the ingredients together (the secret ingredient being the novel speculaas spice all the way from Australia), then using cooking cutters make their favourite shapes, cook them, and once they are cooled, they can decorate and enjoy!

These incredible cooking classes allow kids to develop new skills (that they can use for the rest of their lives), from cooking and decorating skills to reading, learning to follow instructions, and measuring. It can help them to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help them get the fundamentals of maths and science—and they love to learn by tasting, feeling, smelling and listening. These classes also help kids to establish special memories and form positive attitudes towards certain food (including fresh, healthy ingredients).

Memories at Kanuhura Maldives

Those are just some of the many reasons Kanuhura is an excellent choice for a holiday destination. And if you are still not sure it’s the perfect place for your family holiday, then the fact that it was named the 2019 Luxury Family Beach Resort for the Indian Ocean region by the World Luxury Hotel Awards should say it all.

Interested in relishing this paradise with your children and making memories to last a lifetime? Then book your stay with us today. A holiday at Kanuhura is a gift for all of you. 


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