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    Memorable Beach Weddings at Kanuhura

    May 21 2020

    The Maldives is widely touted as an unrivalled tropical destination for the most discerning jet setters, and with luxury resort islands surrounded by warm, glittering aquamarine waters and powder-fine, white-sand beaches, it’s not difficult to imagine why.
    The magic of the Maldives is not just skin-deep, however. This truly sensational destination is enhanced by the people who live and work here, the favourable year-round weather, the unique flora and fauna and the unrivalled level of absolute luxury at resort islands like the five-star oasis of Kanuhura. 
    If you’re thinking of planning a destination wedding, there’s arguably no better or more beautiful place on earth than Kanuhura. This majestic resort unfurls along a pristine and expansive island, with stunning beaches and exotic gardens carefully adorned with carefully designed villas and resort buildings. What’s more, this sensational idyll has been imbued with a whimsical bohemian flair—it’s an unparalleled destination for a dream wedding in paradise.
    While foreign guests are not able to get married legally in the Maldives, Kanuhura is still the ultimate venue for an unforgettable and symbolic wedding celebration or vow renewal. Interested in finding out more? Here is everything you need to know about getting married—or renewing your vows—at Kanuhura:
    Planning a big wedding or a small ceremony? Kanuhura is sure to have the perfect location for your big day
    Whether you are looking to have an intimate ceremony or a grand, festive affair, your every need, desire and wish can be fulfilled at Kanuhura. Here, you can plan anything from a simple ceremony for just the two of you (where you require very little and only want to exchange vows and rings) or something for your nearest and dearest to a more lavish wedding journey. 

    Intimate wedding at Maldives, Kanuhura

    If you are interested in the latter, your dedicated wedding coordinator will not only ensure the process is as seamless and stress-free as possible, but that no detail is spared. From spa treatments and laundry services for your wedding attire, tailor-made decorations and a decadent beach dinner and starlight cinema experience—your dream wedding or vow renewal ceremony at Kanuhura can be whatever you want it to be.
    There are a number of idyllic venues to choose from 
    Whether you are celebrating your union or renewing your vows, Kanuhura has the perfect location for your auspicious occasion. You can get married toes-in-the-sand at your favourite spot on the island’s beach (which is over 3km long, so you have a number of choices!), indoors somewhere special if you wish, or amongst the lush tropical vegetation. Whatever your vision is for this special day, Kanuhura can help you make it a reality. 
    While guests have ample choice when it comes to possible venues, two of the most popular options are Iru Beach and Jehunuhura Island. 
    Iru Beach is extraordinarily huge and the picture of paradise with turquoise waters and soft, white sands fringed by idyllic coconut palms and it has the added bonus of being on the sunset side of the island. The amazing golds, purples and pinks that illuminate the sky as the sun goes down make for the most amazing photos. It’s a magnificent venue for your big day.

    Wedding in Maldives with the sunset view

    Jehunuhura Island (one of Kanuhura’s deserted neighbouring islands) is another fantastic choice; it’s as exclusive and private as can be and has all the gorgeous tropical scenery you could want for incredible photos (and even drone pictures). Because guests need to take a short boat ride to get there, they are assured absolute privacy for their special moments along the island’s stunning bay, complete with powder-soft sands and the gentle sounds of the waves lapping the shore. It’s the definition of paradise.
    You will be supported every step of the way 
    Guests planning a wedding or renewal of vows at Kanuhura are afforded a stress-free experience—it should be a special and enjoyable time for you and the team at Kanuhura is there to make it easy. From the very beginning of your planning journey, you will be supported and assisted by a wedding coordinator who will ensure that everything goes smoothly. 
    When Kanuhura receives a wedding or vow renewal request from a guest, they make sure that they understand the guest’s needs and expectations from the get-go (such as the number of guests, type of event, reception and ceremony needs etc.). Once these needs and preferences are clear, Kanuhura offers a suitable package for the guest from those available.
    Guests can then tailor the package to suit their needs. For example, they can add special spa treatments, destination dining, hair services or drone shoots if their package doesn’t already include these. Guests can also choose the details of their cake (flavour and the decoration thereof), the flowers they would like used on the day (the type and colours will be subject to availability on the local market, however), add any extra music options and decide on the wording for the symbolic certificate. With flexible packages that can be perfectly customised and curated to your needs, you can rest assured that your day will be everything you could want and dream of and more.

    Best Wedding planning in Maldives

    You will also have assistance with your vow script; the resort can provide a template or you can simply create your own. The wedding coordinator is dedicated to making sure each step of your wedding or vow renewal journey is perfect from beginning to end, but they are not alone in that. In fact, a number of Kanuhura’s departments and staff members are involved in the process, including:

    • Pastry Chefs (for the cake)
    • Housekeeping (who order and arrange the flowers, not to mention the villa attendant who is responsible for decorating the bed in a special way)
    • Front Office (who will arrange the buggy decoration where necessary)
    • The resort’s Graphic Designer (for the certificate)
    • Gardeners (who will clean and prepare the venue)
    • The Boduberu Team (live local music)
    • The IT department (for music and the cinema set-up if necessary)
    • The Private Dining team (the cake and champagne serving if it’s destination dining) 
    • The Spa and Salon team (if spa or beauty treatments are involved)

    Their priority for Kanuhura is that you have a memorable experience with the very best personalised service. From the moment you inquire about your event on email to the day you leave the resort, Kanuhura will make sure all your needs and expectations are met (and, hopefully, exceeded).
    Kanuhura only needs 8 days to organise your special celebration

    Wedding in Maldives

    One of the best things about getting married at Kanuhura? You don’t need to plan or book a year or more in advance. In fact, all you need is a minimum of eight days notice for a small, simple wedding (which is largely required in order to ensure you can receive your flowers from the supplier but, as they are imported, flower type and colour are subject to availability). For a big wedding (with many guests) or weddings booked in peak season, a longer notice period may be required.

    There is a wonderful on-site spa and salon for all your beauty needs

    The fabled Kokaa Spa is a phenomenal and tranquil sanctuary—the perfect place for some pre-wedding or vow renewal pampering. But it might be helpful to know that there’s also a sublime beauty salon to take care of all your on-the-day beauty needs. 
    You and your beloved can rest assured that you will be looked after at Kanuhura. The Kokaa Spa is the ultimate place to unwind together while enjoying manicures, pedicures, massages and facials. It’s also where you can get your hair and make-up done for the big day (Kanuhura has an in-house hairdresser and make-up artist) and unless you would like something specific in your hair, all necessary hair accessories will be provided.

    You will have access to a special room to get ready in on the day 

    Both the bride and groom will be allowed to make use of an exclusive Bridal Room on the day of the wedding or vow renewal ceremony. The stunning and spacious room has been created especially for this purpose. Along with luxury comforts and sublime design elements (like its gorgeous chandelier), the room is equipped with big mirrors, sofas and a soft, luxe carpet. Relaxing music is played while you get ready to ensure you are as calm as can be on your big day. 

    Wedding or vow renewal guests are spoilt in many ways

    Kanuhura wedding

    As VIP guests, everyone at Kanuhura will go out of their way to ensure your experience here is incredibly special. Apart from the package inclusions (and spoils), Kanuhura delights and surprises guests with everything from in-room decorations and extraordinary table setups to personalised ceremony itineraries placed in the villa—it’s the little details that make all the difference.

    Kanuhura’s wedding coordinator is passionate about her job

    Kanuhura’s wedding coordinator, Karolina Kedzierewicz has a special job and is able to help loved-up couples create their dream wedding day or vow renewal ceremony. Karolina shared how she feels about her role with us: “Being a witness of such an unusual moment in my guests’ lives is one of the best parts of my work at Kanuhura and a true honour. Apart from the challenges I face while organising (like weather changes/a delay in supplies)–the moment I see the couple walking down the aisle makes it all so worthwhile. It’s amazing to witness the beauty of pure love between two human beings and the happiness they feel is contagious.”

    Every wedding that takes place at Kanuhura is special, whether the couple is renewing their vows after 40 years or beginning their new chapter together. Here, along pristine shores and scintillating waters, you are able to share the best day of your life with your favourite person—does it get any better than this?

    Are you looking for the perfect tropical venue for your wedding day or to renew your vows? Then Kanuhura is sure to be perfect. From an excellent team to the most stunning island surrounds, there is no better place on earth for such a special occasion. Get in touch with us for more information or to book your special day. 


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