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Making Timeless Memories at Kanuhura

December 15 2017

The magnificent, luxury resort of Kanuhura rises out of the tropical Indian Ocean like a glittering emerald gem. Spread across three islands—Kanuhura itself and its two neighbouring deserted islands—this oasis is a gypsetters dream and a destination where the place itself represents exactly what you see in the pictures. Elegant bohemian decor, phenomenal sunrise or sunset facing luxury accommodation and superb gastronomic offerings make this resort one worthy of any wild-hearted traveller’s bucket list. 
Kanuhura is the perfect place to reconnect with your loved ones, yourself and mother nature, as you make the most of the unparalleled setting amongst swaying palm trees and beaches made up of the finest power-white sand, bordered by scintillating topaz waters with an abundance of marine life and colourful corals. It has all of the markings of the quintessential island paradise which are complemented by exceptional and authentic experiences. It’s these unique and special experiences and offerings that make a holiday in Kanuhura unforgettable. 
To ensure that each and every guest has the holiday of their dreams at this resort—one that they will remember for the rest of time—Kanuhura, along with the rest of the Sun Resorts, has created unique and remarkable signature experiences and offerings to afford their guests truly outstanding moments and experiences that will stay with them long after their holiday is over. This desire to thrill and delight guests lead to the creation of the Timeless Memories concept, with each of the unique Sun Resorts setting out to create novel signature experiences based on the agreed upon brand pillars while still showcasing each hotels distinct flair.
We spoke to Kanuhura’s esteemed General Manager, Clency Romeo, to better understand what making Timeless Memories means to him:
How did the concept of Timeless Memories come about?
Sun Resorts has always aimed at service excellence and delivering memorable experiences to its guests. In so doing, each sister property has tended to work its own way in meeting this expectation. Timeless Memories, at this point in time, has highlighted our brand’s uniqueness whereby each property, associate and peer is aligned to the new SUN’s service standards.
What do you think or feel about the Timeless Memories concept?
Despite the fact that each property is uniquely diverse, Timeless Memories is successfully leading us to a common Sun brand.
How are you implementing Timeless Memories at Kanuhura?
We are ensuring that there is ongoing training of associates in order for them to strive to be consistent towards service excellence! We have been very creative in our approach by adding value to the guests’ daily experience.
How have your guests responded to the Timeless Memories offered at Kanuhura?
They’re totally enthralled! They get to experience true Maldivian hospitality coupled with what can only be described as a unique timeless castaway-chic experience.
How has Kanuhura put their mark on the Timeless Memories concept—in other words, what makes your Timeless Memories different from any other resort?
Guests at Kanuhura are fortunate because of the concept as well as Kanuhura’s magical location which allows us to further customise a wonderfully unique island experience. They are able to enjoy both SUNRISE and SUNSET only few steps away from almost anywhere they are on the island…totally barefoot. Kanuhura offers a very tasteful celebration of luxurious island living that is imbued with a sense of bliss, framed in soft colours and created using natural materials. This combined with a tropical and elegant design enhances the harmony of elegance fused with timeless a gypset chic feel in our “Unfettered Paradise”.
What is your favourite Timeless Memories offering at Kanuhura and why?
Though all the passion points are unique, my favourite is “Sunrise and Sunset” where you create your own “Story of Us” adventure from dusk till dawn.  “Be busy all day from sunrise yoga to breakfast in the sea; or spend a relaxing day with a “Robinson Crusoe” picnic at the Masleggihura deserted island. Or enjoy a beach massage: or sail on a sunset cruise and end your day with our dining under the Stars moment”—the options are virtually endless.   
Do you have anything else to add about Timeless Memories (that you would like guests to know?)
Timeless Memories is not a mere concept but something that drives US, the SUN people, towards a common goal; operational excellence which is firmly based on our core values (Integrity, Trust, Teamwork, Passion, Excellence) and in our vision to be “The leading hospitality group that inspires Timeless Memories”.

The seven brand pillars that the Timeless Memories centres on have been defined as Sun Beach, Sunrise and Sunset, Sun Luxury Moments, Sun Mixology, Sun Kids and Sun Memory Lab—ensuring that there is a special signature experience which centres on every facet of the ideal island holiday. 
Kanuhura’s Timeless Memories have been carefully selected, created and crafted to ensure each guest has magical moments while on holiday, the memories of which they will carry with them forever. Whether you delight in extra special touches in your room after a long day at the beach, surprising and exhilarating offerings in the daily programme, a specially crafted cocktail, an authentic and immersive experience or a special culinary offering, there’s bound to be something at Kanuhura that totally delights you. The incredible Timeless Memories offerings range from cooking classes and massages on the beach, invigorating activities to see in the sunrise and sunset, nature walks on the island to flaring bartending shows, incredible activities for kids and Instagram worthy selfie spots—Kanuhura is bent on ensuring each of their guests has the holiday of their dreams characterised by exceptional experiences they would be hardpressed to find elsewhere.
If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday with the most exceptional backdrop in the world, then look no further than a trip to Kanuhura. This luxury, five-star resort offers free-spirited wanderers a myriad of exceptional activities throughout their stay: from complimentary non-motorised water sports, excellent land-based activities, stellar dining options and the most glorious places from which to watch the sunset as you sip on your favourite tipple. Opt for accomodation on stilts over the gorgeous turquoise lagoon or one of the beach villas with private pools and immerse yourself in a world of barefoot luxury. At Kanuhura, you are sure to feel nothing but uninhibited bliss.

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