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Luxury Service Redefined at Kanuhura

February 07 2018

The Maldives is a sublime destination, known for its picture-perfect beaches, cobalt-blue waters and a host of small, idyllic islands that are solely occupied by luxury resorts. It’s the type of destination that warrants the idea of “five-star plus” hotels—hotels and resorts that, while deemed five-star, are unlike any other five-star resort you may have experienced before. The sensational, award-winning resort of Kanuhura, situated in the Lhaviyani Atoll, is the perfect example of this, with designer interiors, exceptional accommodation options (a villa on stilts in the Indian Ocean with a private pool as a prime example), unparalleled gastronomic experiences and stellar activities perfect for the adventurous—Kanuhura is undoubtedly a destination fit for any travel bucket list. But what does luxury service at Kanuhura actually mean? After all, many bandy the word ‘luxury’ about without much thought. So let’s take a closer look at what luxury service entails at Kanuhura:


Luxury service is presented in a “casual” way

The gorgeous island paradise of Kanuhura centres on a laid-back yet glamorous “gypset” (the perfect amalgamation of the unconventional, free-spirited gypsy and sophistication of the jet set) theme to attract like-minded guests. This is a place of romance and beauty, of pure indulgence in the finer things in life and of wild adventures and experiences perfect for free-spirited wanderers. While their luxury service is provided in a casual way (to match the resort’s gypset concept), guests are still afforded every level of elegance and comfort when it comes to service, amenities, activities and comfort. 

Kanuhura Cowry Club Maldives


Kanuhura’s aim is to constantly exceed their guests’ expectations

When it comes to luxury service at Kanuhura, there are no holds barred. In the sublime setting of their world-class resort the team at Kanuhura strives to bring exceptional service and offerings on all levels in order to exceed guests’ expectations and totally WOW them from the minute they arrive in Male (and are able to experience Kanuhura’s welcome lounge—The Boduberu Lounge) to the minute they leave, making each moment of their stay truly phenomenal. 

The highly-skilled and incredibly perceptive employees at Kanuhura constantly strive to meet guests’ needs and wants, before they are even asked to do so, to ensure each guest feels special and to ensure that they have a memorable stay. For example, guests travelling with children are sure to arrive in their room with the additional bed or baby cot already in place and a menu suitable for children on-hand, babysitting services will be offered and appropriate family-friendly activities will be recommended. Honeymooners can expect romantic surprises and special touches (and of course, an exclusive romantic dinner which is included in the honeymoon package), and even guests who happen to get sunburned will be provided natural aloe vera aftersun to help ease the pain. Whatever it is that you may need or want )no matter how big or small), the team at Kanuhura is sure to deliver.

Kanuhura approaches all of their offerings with immense care

Everything that Kanuhura offers their guests has been extremely well-thought through and planned to absolute perfection. As mentioned above, luxury service at this resort doesn’t only happen when guests need, want or ask for something, but, instead, the luxury service at Kanuhura is a constant. For example, drinks are not only served to guests when they order them, guests are taught to create their own tropical concoctions in the cocktail making classes, or they can ask a bartender to tailor their cocktail based on their specific preferences—no ask here is too big or small. 

Kanuhura Cowry Club Maldives

They have novel signature experiences 

One of the many things that Kanuhura has done in order to differentiate itself from any other resort, is launch its Timeless Memories programme, which centres on the premise of creating extraordinary experiences for guests. the memories of which are bound to stay with them forever. The experiences have been carefully created for each of the seven Timeless Memories themes which are; Sunbeach, Sunrise and Sunset, Sun Luxury Moments, Sun Mixology, Sun Kids, Sun Golf and Sun Memory Lab. On top of the “normal” five-star luxury that Kanuhura provides, with Timeless Memories guests can expect a whole new level of comfort and relaxation while enjoying phenomenal, and totally unforgettable, experiences.


They offer unparalleled dining experiences

The resort of Kanuhura actually consists of three islands—Kanuhura and two of its neighbouring deserted islands which make for exceptional locations for special meals in the sun. Enjoy a private castaway picnic on Masleggihura or indulge in wonderful delights at Drift Restaurant on Jehunuhura (open for lunch every day and private dinners at night). But that’s not all guests can enjoy; over and above the five stellar restaurants on the island and the castaway experiences, guests can also enjoy tasting experiences such as a wine and cheese pairing, cognac and chocolate (or cognac and cigars) and champagne with strawberries or enjoy an entirely novel experience with a dig-in dinner where the table and seats are carved in the beach sand? 

Kanuhura Beach Dining


On the beach at Kanuhura you can be sure that you will always be looked after, beach butlers provide guests with cold towels on sizzling days as they enjoy their drinks while offering a sunglasses cleaning service, refreshing face spray and sorbet or smoothies are served to refresh guests throughout the day. There is also the option to opt-in for an exclusive sunbed on a private beach (with 24 hours required to reserve it), that includes your very own personal butler to cater to your every need. But even if you don’t fancy the private beach experience, you can still enjoy wonderful signature cocktails, luxurious signature offerings and special services (beach massages anyone?) on the beach itself, giving you all the more reason to indulge in a lazy day in paradise. 

What’s more, Kanuhura offers over 50 exceptional activities to their guests which include fitness classes, an inflatable water park, a private mojito bar with shishas, sunset cruises, breakfast at sea experiences and cinema evenings, among many others. And the best part? All of it can be expertly captured either by the in-house photographer, the photo booth or by using one of the many different types of camera equipment available for rent at Kanuhura. There’s no doubt that luxury service and the luxury experience is taken to new heights at this magnificent resort. 

There are affordable and customisable packages available

No matter what the reason for holidaying at Kanuhura is—be it for a honeymoon or for the ample options of watersports—they go above and beyond by ensuring that there is a perfect (and customisable) luxury holiday package for everyone, which is sure to make a holiday here all the more special. From honeymoon and wedding packages to the ultimate holiday experience and water sports packages, Kanuhura is constantly looking for ways to go above and beyond for their guests.  

If you are looking for a sensational, once-in-a-lifetime experience surrounded by utter luxury and the best possible service, then you really don’t need to look further than Kanuhura. Here, all your wildest (island) dreams are sure to come true. 

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