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Kids Club Outdoor Activities at Kanuhura

November 14 2019

If you are a travel fanatic then chances are that the Maldives has crept up on your radar a number of times, and for very good reason. The destination’s unparalleled natural surrounds are literally picture-perfect, with out-of-this-world, luxury resort islands, framed by golden beaches and temperate, shimmering azure waters catching the attention of many a jet setter. Hugely popular amongst honeymooners and discerning adventurers, the Maldives is heaven on earth.

What many people don’t know about this destination is that it’s also incredibly popular amongst families looking to treat their loved ones to the holiday of a lifetime with resorts like our very own Kanuhura, providing ample activities for each member of the family! Here, family holidays are designed to be equal parts magical and unforgettable. 


One of the greatest features of a holiday at Kanuhura is the incredible kids club, which has a massive array of outdoor experiences and activities for children of all ages (which are always supervised) - and sometimes, even parents - to enjoy! Here’s an idea of what outdoor activities you can expect to find at Kanuhura’s exceptional kids club:

Water sports

Kanuhura comprises three islands in the Lhaviyani Atoll; the island of Kanuhura itself and its two neighbouring deserted islands, all of which are surrounded by mesmerising tropical waters. It’s little surprise then that some of the most popular kids club offerings are those that take place in the island’s lagoon. Water sports are both built into the kids club daily programme as well as offered as extra add-ons (these specific experiences usually come with a small fee). All of the water-based activities are well supervised and safety precautions are always taken. 
Some of the popular water sports activities that kids can enjoy at Kanuhura are:

Banana boat rides

Banana boat rides take place on Saturdays at Kanuhura for kids that are wanting a little extra excitement. Each ride is taken with an instructor and allows a minimum of one person and a maximum of four people per round. This is charged at $80* per ride.

Water skiing or catamaran trips


Water skiing and catamaran trips take place on request and children are accompanied by an instructor who will guide them on how to take part in the activity properly and safely. Catamaran excursions cost $25* per child and water skiing costs $65* per person.

Sofa rides

Similar to banana boat rides, sofa rides are a fun group activity for the whole family! This activity is offered on Thursdays and requires a minimum of one person and a maximum of three people and costs $80* per ride.

Jet skiing
Kids can enjoy the rush of jet skiing the blue tourmaline waters surrounding Kanuhura on Sundays for $40* per child.


There are a few exceptional excursions offered by the kids club at Kanuhura. Here are two of the most popular:

Fishing trips

Hugely enjoyable and wonderfully popular, Kanuhura’s kids fishing trips take place every Wednesday from 17:00 until 18:30 and costs $25* per child. The trip takes place on the lagoon, as fishing outside of it is prohibited, and kids club counsellors and a lifeguard are present to ensure the children are safe and having fun. 

Parents are also welcome to join if they desire, but the trip is kid-centric - they are given the opportunity to become little fishermen (and women) and are even able to eat the fish they catch. Fish caught can be cooked and served on the following day for lunch or dinner at an additional fee. An additional fee also applies for adults ($45* per adult). 

Magical sunset cruises



Children can enjoy a sublime sunset cruise on a Monday for an additional fee (between 17:30 and 18:30), where they will receive a little Bento box filled with delicious fresh fruit and snacks which is included in the excursion. Not only will they get the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular sunset from the ocean itself, but they stand a chance of spotting dolphins frolicking in the waves - a truly special experience they aren’t likely to forget. 

Daily kids club outdoor activities 

The extensive kids clubs daily programmes include an array of other exceptional outdoor activities for children. Such as: 

Pool Splash

Every day there is time set aside at the kids club for “Pool Splash”. During this time children play water-based games like Water Balloon Blast and can make the most of the water fountain at the kids club. 


Children who visit Kanuhura’s kids club love to make the most of the on-site trampoline. The Kanuhura kids club counsellors don’t let the kids get bored - they are wonderfully creative when it comes to games kids can play on the trampoline. Jumping on the trampoline is supervised.



Every Saturday evening, the kids club arranges a football match for the children and Kanuhura also has their own Futsal court. There are more than enough opportunities for children to enjoy football at Kanuhura - we know how much our guests love the game! 

The popular Pirate Treasure Hunt


What better place to do some nifty pirate gear and enjoy a treasure hunt than on the Robinson Crusoe island of Kanuhura? We don’t think there is a better place and our little guests seem to agree, which is why the incredible Pirate Treasure Hunt at Kanuhura is so popular. During this activity, kids dress up as pirates and go on a hunt along with the kids club councillors to find the treasures hidden all over the island, following clues and arrows as they go. It’s a huge hit for all the kids and a wonderful way for them to spend some glorious time soaking up the beautiful surrounds of Kanuhura. 

Tree planting

As Kanuhura, and the Sun Resorts group as a whole, is very passionate about green, sustainable and earth-friendly practices, the tree planting activity at the kids club is a unique and special experience for our little guests. During this activity, kids are instructed by one of Kanuhura’s skilful gardeners how to plant their very own palm trees (which is less than a year old). Each child gets to plant their own tree and their own personal name boards are put up next to the tree so they can identify it when they return to Kanuhura. The children are able to paint the nameplates themselves (or the team can do it for them).

The gardeners inform the children on how to plant their trees as well as the benefits of palm trees, so it serves an educational as well as entertainment purpose. This activity is done free of charge but is only available by request (for guests that are interested).

The orchid and herb garden Tour

On the topic of all things green, another flora-based activity that kids can enjoy is a memorable tour of Kanuhura’s fabled orchid nursery and herb garden given by one of the gardeners in Kanuhura’s Environment and Gardening team. Kids are given useful information on the herbs and vegetables grown in the Chef’s Herb Garden and they are even able to try a few for themselves. The orchid garden tour centres on specific types of orchids (including Kanuhura’s very own rare orchid) and how to take care of them.

A night at the outdoor cinema

One of Kanuhura’s most magical offerings is its outdoor cinema, which hosts kids movie nights twice a week (weather dependent). This experience allows children to embrace a kids movie on the beach as they sit or lie down on beanbags, under the stars along with some popcorn and water. This is sure to be a memorable experience for your little ones enjoying their holiday in paradise. 


A holiday here is unlike any you can have elsewhere. Kanuhura is the perfect playground - where your children can surrender to magic and imagination, where they can learn, thrive, make friends and have a holiday they will remember forever. Give your kids the gift of an unforgettable family holiday and book your stay with us today

*Prices and schedules for all chargeable activities are subject to change without prior notice and all activities are subject to weather conditions. 

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