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Indulge in Some Retail Therapy at Kanuhura

December 26 2017

Kanuhura is the type of destination that is seen in the top travel magazines money can buy. The type of resort that you don’t think truly exists until you see it. Set in the Maldives—by far one of the most spectacular destinations in the world—this outstanding resort is a free-spirited wanderer's absolute dream destination. Indulge in world-class cuisine at Kanuhura’s extraordinary restaurants, surrender to utter relaxation at the exquisite luxury Kokaa Spa and immerse yourself in the island lifestyle with over 50 extraordinary activities. The only problem with taking a trip to Kanuhura is that once you experience this unfettered paradise, you will never want to leave. 
There’s no doubt that this is a world-class holiday destination, filled with enchantment and wonder has something special for every gypsetter. You will know this the minute you look at the ncredible activities on offer—from group fitness sessions, beach and water activities, to a guided tour of the orchid garden and cooking classes not to mention an array of fantastic experiences you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Dine at a table set in the sand and surrounded by candles, relish a unique culinary pairing (such as a decadent whisky and chocolate pairing), marvel at the incredible work at a turtle sanctuary, take in the beauty of the abundance of colourful fish and corals in the underwater world on a dive of a lifetime or enjoy a movie under the stars—this is where your dreams come true. 
If you are a bit of a shopaholic, and wondering how you are going to get your shopping fix while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime holiday at this exclusive, luxury resort in the middle of the cerulean Indian Ocean, then you will be thrilled to know that Kanuhura caters for this need as well at their gorgeous Kanuhura Boutique. Here’s a taste of the incredible items on sale at this sophisticated boutique:
The holiday essentials
It’s always frustrating planning a holiday for months, packing meticulously for the ultimate getaway (or at least thinking that you have packed meticulously), and travelling to the other side of the world only to find that you have forgotten that KEY item or holiday essential. At Kanuhura, you don’t have to panic! There is a huge variety of excellent quality holiday essentials that cover a broad range of packing emergencies. From toothpaste and toothbrushes, nail clippers and nail files to deodorant and female hygiene products—Kanuhura has all of those packing emergencies sorted. These items are generally from international and well-known brands such as Dove, Colgate, Mavala, Tampax, Dove and Rene Furterer so that you can rest assured you will be using a product you either use at home or are familiar with. 
Because it’s essential to ensure that you are well protected from the gorgeous Maldivian sun, you can also find a range of sun care products. After all you really want to return home gorgeously sunkissed and not luminous red. The suncare products stocked by Kanuhura Boutique include those from Sun Bum (the incredible Californian suncare brand) and the esteemed Avene skincare brand (which hails from France). You’ll find a host of different products, from varying SPFs and types of sunscreen—creams or translucent sprays—to tanning lotion and aftersun. 
Especially created branded items 
If you have the incredible fortune to be able to visit Kanuhura for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, then take a look at the Kanuhura Boutique to find something special to always serve as a reminder of your holiday in paradise. Here, you will find a range of outstanding Kanuhura branded items perfect as a memento or gift for someone back home. Keep yourself protected from the sun with a tasteful Kanuhura cap, pick up a gorgeous T-shirt with the iconic Kanuhura logo on it to flaunt back home, buy one for a loved one who would have loved to join you on your holiday in paradise or buy a gorgeous Kanuhura towel to remind you of your magical time spent in the sun in paradise. You can also buy a range of amazing bags that include anything from beach bags to custom-made luxury travel bags from the esteemed luxury brand from Spain, Luisa Buendia. One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to find these exact items anywhere else in the world. So go on, spoil yourself. 
Bohemian must-haves

It’s impossible to be on the island of the gypset—wild-hearted adventurers that are part gypsey part jet setter—without wanting to indulge your inner bohemian goddess (or god). At the Kanuhura Boutique, there is a host of gorgeous and glamorous gypset wear. From beautiful beaded accessories and stunning feather necklaces to stunning Panama hats and tasselled bags. Here you can enjoy the unfettered paradise in comfortable and utterly beautiful gypset attire from the Kanuhura Boutique. Let this incredible hotel inspire your creative and free-spirited self as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maldives. Brands that can be found in the boutique include the boho chic and free-spirited brands Ruby Yaya, Benaras and  Marie France Van Damme.
Elegant beachwear
Kanuhura spans an incredible 1.4 km and affords guests easy access to its two neighbouring deserted islands. With the unbelievable beaches in the Maldives, you are sure to want to look your absolute best as you flaunt wonderfully designed items on the beach. Glam up your beach look at Kanuhura Boutique. At this store there is a host of remarkable beachwear to choose from; you can find anything from colourful bikinis and swimsuits, to swim shorts, sarongs, towels, flip-flops, beach sandals, cover-ups and kaftans in a range of colours and bohemian patterns. Some of the excellent bohemian beachwear brands you can find at the Kanuhura Boutique include Tooshie and Anjuna. 
Island-inspired closet essentials
Amongst the gypset styled accessories and gorgeous beachwear, guests will find high-quality garments that have been beautifully made and sourced from some of the best stores and garment manufacturers in the world. Whether you are looking for a special dress for a romantic anniversary dinner, a phenomenal shirt for a loved one back home or a chic cover-up, you are sure to find the perfect item at Kanuhura Boutique, and it will always remind you of your special holiday in the Maldives.
Coming soon: local crafts
If you are in search of some authentic Maldivian souvenirs and mementoes, very soon you won’t have to make a detour to Male in search of them. The Kanuhura Boutique is currently looking for the most amazing and best quality Maldivian souvenirs and will stock them in the near future. 
Long opening hours

The Kanuhura Boutique is conveniently open daily between 09:00 and 21:00 so that whenever you need that essential item or would like to indulge in a mini shopping spree, you have more than enough opportunity to do so. Have a look at what is on offer and let the wonderful shop attendants help you with your every need. They are there to ensure that you find the perfect gift or item to compliment your sensational holiday in this tropical oasis. 
If you are looking for a holiday destination that is simply sublime, then you would find it challenging to find a better place than Kanuhura. This magnificent five-star resort offers bon vivants services, experiences and offerings that are nothing short of first-class. This is the perfect destination for wild-hearted adventurers looking for a sublime holiday experience like no other.

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