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Floating Experiences at Kanuhura

January 09 2020

Once a well-kept secret, the Maldives today is one of the most coveted luxury destinations in the world. And with crystalline waters, immaculate soft white beaches lined by coconut palms and private islands that are home to mesmerizing hotels - like the five-star gypset paradise of Kanuhura - it’s not difficult to understand why. One of the greatest reasons people are drawn to the destination's dazzling shores is because a holiday here promises utter relaxation in the most awe-inspiring tropical surrounds - it’s the ultimate place to escape from the stress of day-to-day living. World-class spas, phenomenal and immersive experiences, outstanding cuisine and sensational hotels in the Maldives practically guarantees a holiday to remember. 

Picture this: you are in the most beautiful tropical Eden that you could imagine, and as you bask in the warm Maldivian sun, you are lulled by the gentle sounds of the ocean and birds, allowing you to float away into a dreamland in absolute serenity. How often do we allow ourselves to float through life like this and truly embrace the feeling of calm? And where better to do just that then in a water villa in the Maldives - which “floats” in the Indian Ocean - or any of the other floating spaces at Kanuhura?

If a “floating” experience at Kanuhura sounds like time well spent on your dream holiday, then here are the ways you can embrace the floating sensation at Kanuhura:

Floating - literally 

Float in the turquoise Indian Ocean or in the pool
Take the idea of floating literally with a fun floating device at Kanuhura. These can be purchased from Kanuhura’s incredible boutique or can be rented from the kids club (unless it’s peak season, during which they are reserved for use at the club). Floatation devices available at Kanuhura include everything from armbands and life jackets to inflatable rings, macaroons and lilos and can be used in the main pool, the villa pools or in the glittering lagoon. 


One of the best places to enjoy a floatation device is at the Cowry Club’s infinity pool (the main pool), where you can sidle up to the edge of the pool while floating and enjoying a drink while relishing the view of the azure water and the seemingly endless horizon. 

Savour a floating breakfast*

Holidays spent at Kanuhura are characterised by exceptional and novel luxury experiences that inspire permanent memories. In-line with that idea, enjoy a floating experience with a twist with Kanuhura’s new, and, already hugely popular, floating breakfast.

This must-try in-villa option centres on a breakfast spread served atop a floating tray with a glorious selection of food and drinks served in the villa pool itself. This makes for a different, and romantic, way to start the day. The floating breakfast menu consists of freshly squeezed fruit juices, coffee or tea, a glass of sparkling wine per person, a scrumptious bakery basket (with a variety of treats), scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as well as cheeses, cold cuts and seasonal fruits. Not only is this experience totally Instagram-worthy, it’s something you won’t forget.

Floating in the Indian Ocean


One of the most magical things about the reef-protected lagoons at Kanuhura is that the high salt content of the seawater means you don’t need any floatation devices to embrace the freeing feeling of floating in the water. Lie back and indulge in daydreams as you observe the blue skies, or look down (preferably with goggles and a snorkel) to embrace the magical underwater world, with a diverse array of corals and vivid marine life floating or gliding through the water. The benefit of this is twofold: not only are you able to relish the natural surrounds but you are able to fully relax and allow any stress or pain to melt away as you totally surrender to tranquillity.

Float in an over-the-water villa


Kanuhura boasts an extraordinary array of sublime accommodation options, but there’s something quite magical about the luxury water villas in the Maldives. These absolutely stunning villas look as if they are floating: they rise up out of the ocean itself and provide a floating experience never to be forgotten. Peek over the edge at the phenomenal sea life, lower yourself into the water from the private staircase (each villa has a staircase that leads to the lagoon) and take advantage of the built-in hammocks that provide a special floating experience of their own - this is the very picture of luxury island living. 

Float and exercise at the same time

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to do much to enjoy a floating experience in the scintillating Indian Ocean waters. But for those who enjoy a little exercise as they drift along, there’s something special for you at Kanuhura too. Guests have a huge choice of water sports and water sports equipment at their disposal, seven days a week, for active floating experiences. This could be everything from indulging in a dhoni - a traditional Maldivian boat - excursion (to watch dolphins or with some champagne for sunset, perhaps?) to float on a paddleboard, kayak or catamaran or booking a sensational diving experience with our on-site dive centre, the options are practically endless. 

Floating on swings and hammocks 


Thanks to the unique gypset theme at Kanuhura, there are multiple hammocks and swings scattered throughout the island in the most gorgeous locations. From hammocks in the outdoor bathrooms and on the decks of the water villas (which allow you to float above the aquamarine water itself) to the beachside hammocks and swings, there is a plethora of fantastic places to swing or float in the Maldives. 

Floating - metaphorically 

Daydream in paradise

Floating or drifting away at Kanuhura doesn't need to be literal. With such otherworldly beauty and a calming energy, it’s the perfect place to sit back somewhere special and let your thoughts take you on a journey. Grab your favourite cup of coffee from Deli or a tropical cocktail from the Cowry Club, take a book or simply pick a special spot and let your thoughts float freely. You can also release all your worries and concerns as you dance to the beat of Boduberu drums during Jafaai Night (the Maldivian-themed buffet evening); Kanuhura is the perfect place to let your mind find a sense of calm and to let your stress dissolve. 

Floating elements in the hotel

The floating theme is carried throughout the resort with certain design elements, such as the chandeliers in particular locations that enhancing the magical feel of floating and freedom - especially when they move. See the gorgeous chandeliers at A Mano, in the Boduberu Lounge and in the Fendaa Reception, as they dance in the Maldivian breeze.

Allow yourself to float into a state of bliss at the Kokaa Spa

The gorgeous Kokaa Spa at Kanuhura is a sublime, tranquil sanctuary and from the moment you enter, you will want to sail into a serene state. This feeling is enhanced by the floating elements in the reception area; from a floating arrangement of flowers in the centre of the reception to the dandelion clocks hanging from the roof, which sway in the breeze and give a sense of weightlessness.



The spa is the ultimate place to take your feeling of floating to the next level, where one of the many treatments, through the use of oils and refined techniques, are sure to elevate your sense of calm. The spa facilities (such as the plunge pool and jacuzzi) allow you to play with the balance of hot and cold and the relaxation areas - complete with ginger tea and apple slices - will ensure you are able to simply drift away on cloud nine. 

Looking for the most exquisite place to find utter tranquillity and peace of mind - amplified by a stay in a gorgeous beachside villa or water villa in the Maldives? Then book your bucket list-worthy holiday at Kanuhura today. It’s sure to be the holiday of a lifetime

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