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Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle at Kanuhura

December 26 2019

Far away, surrounded by dazzling sapphire-blue waters, lush tropical gardens and golden beaches, there is a magical resort island unlike any other. Sophisticated and exotic, the five-star gem of Kanuhura is as trendy as it is beautiful.

Vivid colours, exquisite villas (some that rise out of the aquamarine lagoon itself) sleek, natural design elements, beaded swing chairs, outstanding culinary establishments and stylish hammocks characterise this gorgeous tropical idyll. Imbued with a dreamlike gypset flair, it provides a stunning background to a one-of-a-kind holiday in the Maldives.  

Kanuhura opens up a world of exceptional luxury and immersive and authentic experiences for their guests that inspire lifelong memories. Embark on a sunset champagne cruise, witness a turtle hatching or release, embrace a private dinner on the beach with your significant other or immerse yourself in a floating experience in a water villa, this is the place of exceptional sun-filled days and starlit nights. 

The perfect holiday destination for families (kids have complimentary access to the fabled kids club), wild-hearted wanderers and smitten couples, Kanuhura offers something for everyone. Whether you want to spend your holiday at the resort’s gorgeous spa, by partaking in the plethora of incredible activities on offer, enjoying the array of culinary activities or by simply lapping up the VIP beach experiences, your holiday in paradise can be everything you want it to be.

And if you are worried about your healthy habits and fitness regime falling to the wayside while on holiday - fear not, Kanuhura has you covered as well. While a holiday is a great time for a little indulgence (and there are certainly some very tempting sweet treats on offer), Kanuhura firmly believes in balance. 

Are you wondering how you can embrace a healthy lifestyle at Kanuhura? These are all the ways you can do just that:

Take your pick of healthy food and beverages

While holidays at Kanuhura can be filled with indulgent, fine-dining fare, glorious signature cocktails and a huge variety of treats, it can also centre on delicious, fresh foods and beverages, packed with goodness. The choice is yours! One thing is certain, you won’t struggle to find healthy food and drink options at Kanuhura.

Healthy eating at Kanuhura

Kickstart your day in the most perfect - and healthy way - with the amazing health options for breakfast. Each day, the abundant buffet offers gluten-free options, a large variety of nuts, cereals, and a platter of freshly cut fruit (which often includes pineapple, mangosteen, mango, watermelon and oranges amongst others). There are also milk alternatives available (such as almond, soy and skim) as well as a selection of yoghurt and 8 types of granola, which can be topped with delicious fresh strawberries, blueberries or blackberries (available upon request). 

If that wasn’t enough variety for you, there is also a salad station and ample bread offerings (including 100% whole wheat, multigrain and 100% rye options all baked on-site). The live cooking stations are where you can get your eggs cooked to perfection and exactly how you like them.

Healthy, freshly pressed juices are available both at the breakfast buffet and at the Deli throughout the day, and you can even choose your favourite combination (celery, apple and cucumber, perhaps?). Embrace the variety of healthy alternatives at Kanuhura.

Get your heart pumping and relish the natural beauty of Kanuhura 

Kanuhura is a sensational tropical wonderland and there are myriad ways to enjoy it while getting your fitness fix. Here are some of the recommended (free) ways to do just that:

Go for an early morning jog

Start your day off right with an early morning jog or walk around the gorgeous island of Kanuhura - one of the few islands in the Maldives that allows their guests to do so - which spans some 3km in circumference. In-line with the bohemian essence of the island, consider even doing it barefoot to reconnect with the earth and nature. 

A walk would take between 35 and 40 minutes and if you were to jog it would take some 15-20 minutes - either option is great for a solid dose of cardio. While you are out on your jog/walk of the island, take a moment to take it all in - the lush tropical gardens, the gorgeous coconut palms as the breeze rustles their leaves, the quiet of mornings and the ocean lapping the shore (and see if you can spot a baby shark or some fish). This is what island holidays are all about. 

Take your villa bike for a spin

Biking at Kanuhura

Each villa comes with complimentary bicycles for guests to use. If you don’t want to walk or jog the island, why not take your bike out for a spin? it makes for a fabulous activity with the family. There are smaller bikes for kids and if your bike needs any repairs, you can just take it to Wheels, the on-site bicycle garage.

Enjoy a swim

Surrounded by temperate Indian Ocean lagoons that sparkle in every hue of blue, a swim in the ocean is a must (and it’s a great way to stay healthy while on holiday). Enjoy the refreshing saltwater (which has ample health benefits) on your skin, keep an eye out for mesmerizing marine life and savour the incredible surrounds.

Try your hand at kayaking

Kayaking at Kanuhura

Guests at Kanuhura can enjoy one complimentary hour of kayaking a day. 

Play a game of tennis or squash

Tennis at Kanuhura

At Kanuhura, there are two outdoor tennis courts and an indoor, air-conditioned squash court (it’s one of the only properties in the Maldives to have one). Embrace the opportunity to wield a racket - it’s both healthy and fun. 

Enjoy a game of football

Kanuhura has its own football grounds, a wonderful space for tournaments for any age group Check the daily schedule or simply get some other guests involved for a wonderful football game in paradise.

Make the most of the resort’s gym

Kanuhura’s state-of-the-art gym is fully kitted out with Life Fitness gyming equipment. In the gym, you can find treadmills, dumbbells, mats, bikes, and other fitness machines to help you maintain your normal fitness routine while on holiday.

As a value-add, Kanuhura offers their guests the use of sports shoes, free of charge, which have been sanitized and cleaned thoroughly. 

Those who are looking for a bit of guidance can also hire the services of Kanuhura’s fitness trainer, who will tailor a programme to suit your needs. You can even opt for couple, group or family sessions. These sessions focus on anything from muscular and endurance strength, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Boot Camp techniques, functional training, Piloxing (Pilates, boxing and dance), cardio or combative boxing/kickboxing, Zumba, yoga, aqua fitness, yogalates, stretching and more. 

Kanuhura’s fitness instructor can also advise on meal plans to help reach optimal caloric intake for your body. The fitness instructor is not there to prescribe a meal plan - instead, guests need to seek the professional services of a nutritionist or dietitian - but the trainer can assist in recommending a healthy eating plan in general. They are there to help guests with their diets based on their current body weight and lifestyle and what is needed to lose or gain weight. 

The fitness instructor at Kanuhura, Jimmy Langgo-ok, hails from the Philippines and has 9 years of experience practising and teaching yoga and 12 years in the fitness industry. He loves fitness routines and staying healthy because it helps him to maintain his energy throughout the day.

The fitness instructor can even recommend a 2-day fitness programme which might look something like this:

- A morning workout session that would involve functional training, weightlifting or sunrise yoga to boost the energy for the day (more on this below) for the first day.

Kanuhura morning workout

- Healthy post-workout breakfasts that consist of a cup of coffee for the coffee connoisseurs or a fresh juice, 1-2 slices of toast with peanut butter, 1-2 boiled eggs and 2-4 slices of cucumber a day. 
- Sunset yoga or Pilates for day two with a healthy dinner consisting of a full or half serving of vegetables or salad, a palm-sized serving of grilled beef or chicken and 1 glass of red wine. 
- A deep-tissue sports massage or Thai massage to release muscle tension from any exercise and intense training. Alternatively, guests could try a Blissful Marma massage or holistic massage to help with relaxation. 
- Take a holistic approach to health with Kanuhura’s Wellness Experiences
- For those who would like to take an all-encompassing to their health and well-being, Kanuhura offers a wealth of yoga, meditation and Pilates classes taken by Jimmy Langgo-ok and Kesavadas Vijaya, who comes from India and has 12 years of experience practising and teaching yoga. These yoga teachers love this form of exercise because of the benefits to body and mind. 

- The wellness activities offered at Kanuhura are geared at re-energising one’s body and boosting overall fitness levels. A bespoke wellness and training programme for your ultimate well-being can be arranged at the Kokaa Wellness Retreat and Spa. Otherwise, if you merely want to partake in some wellness activities, classes run daily at the Yoga Pavilion, an incredibly special place that boasts an amazing view of the beautiful beach and ocean beyond it. This is an idea of what guests can expect at Kanuhura:

- Monday: Sunrise Yoga 
- Tuesday: Meditation class
- Wednesday: Sunset Yoga
- Thursday: Yogalates (the fusion of yoga and Pilates) 
- Friday: Maldivian Warrior workout
- Saturday: Sunset Yoga
- Sunday: Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga at Kanuhura 

There are several different forms of yoga offered at Kanuhura. They include everything from Hatha and Ashtanga-Vinyasa and Vinyasa to Power, Flow, Yin and Pranayama yoga. Yoga originated in ancient India and the artform focuses on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

Kanuhura Wellness Yoga


Kanuhura’s Sunrise Yoga classes boost the body and mind with refreshing energy from the universe. It’s a great way to start the day, to invigorate the body and prepare the mind for the day’s activities or plans. 

Sunset Yoga helps to still the mind and body after a busy day and helps to achieve a sense of calm. The sunrise and sunset yoga classes can take the form of many different yoga styles, but it all depends on what the guests would like to do. Private yoga classes can be arranged to enhance the experience. 

The magical Maldivian Warrior Workout 

In the list of activities at Kanuhura, you will see the Maldivian Warrior Workout, a wonderfully unique way to stay in shape. This HIIT workout is done barefoot on the beach and is typically more challenging than other indoor workouts, as your body is exposed to the sun and unstable ground (the white beach sand). 

This means it can be up to three times more intense than usual body weight training regimes, but it’s well worth it. Some of the benefits are enhanced stamina, endurance, power, strength and agility (amongst others). It’s well worth a try!

Nurture your mind, body and soul at the resort’s spa 

Indulge in an exceptional wellness retreat, beauty session or indulgent treatment at the gorgeous Kokaa Spa at Kanuhura. This award-winning spa has exceptional facilities (that also contribute positively to well-being on many levels) that include everything from a plunge pool and Jacuzzi to a sauna. 

Kanuhura Spa

There is also an incredible list of must-try treatments which cover everything from detoxing scrubs, sleeping rituals, massages and more. Most of the products used at Kokaa or organic and made to enhance your self-care journey even further. Go for it, you deserve it!

Interested in living out a healthy lifestyle at KanuhuraBook your stay today and relish a holiday in paradise sure to restore and relax you on every level. It’s bound to be unforgettable. 

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