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Discover a Wonderfully Rare Endemic Orchid at Kanuhura

December 27 2017

The picturesque island paradise known as Kanuhura in the Maldives rises out of aquamarine waters like a shimmering mirage; so utterly perfect it’s difficult to completely comprehend that something so absolutely phenomenal is, in fact, real. The gorgeous luxury resort is comprised of 80 rooms, scattered throughout the island, totally surrounded by vibrant, lush tropical gardens and bordered by immaculate beaches which fade into crystalline waters—where a whole new world of unusual and exciting life is waiting to be explored. 
When you are not sipping cocktails in one of the sublime beach bars, feasting on sumptuous delights at one of the excellent restaurants (such as incredible fresh seafood dishes grilled to perfection), lounging on one of the beaches embracing the Maldivian sun, exploring the underwater world or indulging in a luxury spa treatment, Kanuhura has something very special in store for guests who absolutely love nature and its uninhibited beauty. Those who love unique experiences and one-of-a-kind sights will be excited to know that Kanuhura is home to an incredibly beautiful and rare flower; the Dendrobium Kanuhura—an orchid that is only found in one place in the whole world; Kanuhura itself. Here’s what you need to know about the interesting and unique offerings at Kanuhura, perfect for the biggest nature fans around:
Orchids are in a class of their own
Wonderfully unique and amazingly diverse, orchids are the epitome of exotic and seem to have an almost mystical air to them. Majestic, delicate and elegant, these wondrous flowers are some of the most coveted ornamental plants in the world and despite being part of the largest flowering plant families in the world, each orchid species is so incredibly different (to each other as well as any other type of flower) and yet all of them are totally perfect. Because of their beauty and unique nature, many would agree that these wonderful flowers are certainly in a class of their own. Graceful and ornate, orchids are said to represent luxury, love, beauty and strength, making them the perfect match for the equally luxurious and beautiful Kanuhura. 
The Dendrobium Kanuhura is the resort’s very own orchid species
Very few hotels in the world would be able to say that they have their own, unique flower, let alone their very own endemic orchid species. This unbelievably rare orchid is made up of mesmerising yellows and oranges and typically flowers once a year. This particular species was bred especially for Kanuhura by the resort’s head gardener, Nimal Fernando, in Kanuhura’s own orchid nursery. The Dendrobium Kanuhura, which was officially registered as a unique species by the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK and in November 2017, flowered for the first time since the resort re-launched in December 2016, after an 18-month full renovation which has left the resort looking as absolutely gorgeous as it does (and which gained recognition as one of the world’s top hotel renovations from Conde Nast Traveller).
Kanuhura’s unique orchid is one of many in the resort’s orchid gardens
As if having a totally unique flower species wasn’t enough, Kanuhura has an outstanding, and extensive, orchid nursery, where the Kanuhura orchid is one of the over 7000 orchids on the island, all of which can be experienced and admired by guests who can take a leisurely tour of the nursery, carefully taking in the overwhelming, and wonderfully exotic, beauty of each of the flowers. Here, you can experience a veritable sea of orchids in over 15 different colours (when they are all in full bloom).
There are two deserted islands to discover
Barefoot, free-spirited wanders visiting Kanuhura who absolutely adore nature should definitely explore the island to its absolute full. Apart from the truly remarkable orchid garden, there is so much to explore on Kanuhura. The tropical gardens on Kanuhura are gorgeously vivid and lush—the perfect playground for gypsetters looking to explore the 1.4km island. As you meander through the lush vegetation, you’ll notice orchids planted among indigenous plants and the iconic coconut palm trees. 
Guests also have the opportunity to visit Kanuhura’s neighbouring deserted islands—Jehunuhura and Masleggihura—to explore the untamed jungle-like interiors where the likes of rabbits, hens, chicks and hermit crabs can be spotted. The richness and abundance of tropical greenery is absolutely mesmerising, with bright, colourful orchids dotted amongst vivid greenery and even found in every guest villa—the rooms on the beach are gorgeously engulfed by the tropical forest greenery of the island. A walk through Kanuhura is an incredible spectacle indeed and certainly one that nature lovers will relish.
There's a dining experience that would be perfect for nature fans
If you are a nature enthusiast, then apart from exceptional endemic plants and lush tropical gardens, Kanuhura offers another exceptional experience. Over and above the remarkable dining options, Kanuhura offers guests an private dining experience like no other—enjoy a magical dinner under the stars in amongst fragrant herbs and lush tropical greenery with a gastronomic menu of the day at a secret table surrounded by flickering candles in the heart of the Chef’s Herb Garden. 
Kanuhura’s hidden Chef’s Herb Garden is the ultimate place for nature-loving gourmets looking for a true taste of the Maldives in an exclusive and gorgeous setting. No two experiences here will ever be the same, as the chef prepares set menus based on the freshest and finest ingredients he has available on the day. The Chef's Herb garden is open for private dinner bookings only.
Discover the endless possibilities at Kanuhura
Apart from incredible natural wonders of Kanuhura, there is a wealth of unbelievable experiences and activities to relish at Kanuhura. Enjoy an outdoor cinema experience under the stars, visit a turtle sanctuary, treat yourself to an indulgent spa experience, marvel at a local Bodu Beru performance and learn how to cook exceptional dishes in a sublime location or simply soak up the sun along the immaculate shore. Kanuhura is a destination where free-spirited wanderers’ dreams come true. 
If you are looking for the ultimate holiday destination, then there’s no better place to head than Kanuhura. This gorgeous and tranquil retreat has everything gypsetters could want for the ideal island holiday in an unrivalled destination. With over 50 activities, eight exceptional bars and restaurants, novel signature experiences and world-class luxury accommodation, you would be hardpressed to find a better destination.

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