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    A Creative Residency in Paradise

    September 15 2020

    Kanuhura Maldives, an island resort by Sun Resorts and member of The  Leading Hotels of the World, is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to two creatives to become its Digital Islanders and live on its luxury island resort for a month. Their mission: indulge in every experience the atoll proposes to its guests and document it via clips, photos and social media posts.  

    On the program: Stays in the island’s Water and beach villas, snorkeling and diving in the crystalline waters, escapes to its two deserted islets, dining in the four restaurants, enjoying cocktails in the two bars and countless other heavenly experiences.  While it sounds like a holiday, it is definitely not a lazy one as there are some serious (but fun) tasks involved: underwater filming during snorkeling and diving trips for video making, photographing decadent breakfast-with-a-view tables before succumbing, creating wanderlust-envy Instagram stories during pre-drinks at sunset and of course, shooting breathtaking aerial photos and clips on the beach.  

    Kanuhura Maldives - Digital Retreats



    The creative retreat covers the board and lodging costs on the luxury island resort. The luxury accommodation offer comprises stays at the Water Pool villas, which are located at the edge of the timber walkway, suspended on stilts into the turquoise lagoon on the Eastern side of Kanuhura. The private sundeck is extended into an overwater plunge pool and hammocks, providing the ultimate Maldivian experience. From the deck, the wooden stairs lead directly into the turquoise lagoon with the coral garden to explore just a few meters away. In an endeavor to provide a real experience of the accommodation offer of Kanuhura, the Digital islanders will also have the opportunity to stay at one of the Beach villas, nestled in lush greenery and with a direct access to the beach all the way to the glittering lagoon.  

    It moreover provides a variety of beautiful locations to get the creative juices flowing and backgrounds to spruce up any portfolio.   

    The successful digital islanders will benefit from guidance into the luxury branding world by the marketing team of the international hospitality group Sun Resorts, in addition to international exposure for a year on its social media and digital channels. In addition to expanding its international audience and opening new avenues career-wise, living for a month on the island of Kanuhura Maldives represents a rich cultural exchange: Besides the guests from around the world, the team staying on the island is made up of 18 nationalities.

    The required profile: 

    Because Happiness is only real when shared, and because behind every successful influencer is a gifted photographer, the Digital islanders of Kanuhura Maldives are a team of two.   

    Kanuhura Maldive - Underwater



    Interested creatives should flaunt their talent for the making of visual digital content by producing and sharing a travel-themed content fon the social media platform Instagram. The content posted, whether a clip, one or multiple photographs, should tag the @kanuhuramaldives account and should showcase their aptitude to arouse absolute wanderlust and their eye for visual aesthetics, in addition to their photography and/or film-making skills. When posting the clip, the caption should read ‘We’ve got what it takes to be the first #DigitalIslanders at @KanuhuraMaldives! We’re ready for a #CreativeResidencyInParadise.’  Applicants have until Monday 19th October 2020 to submit their applications.  The chosen Digital Islanders will be announced on the social media channels of Kanuhura Maldives on Monday 26th October and should be able to arrive at Kanuhura Maldives for its grand reopening, on November 15th.  While being a blogger or experienced digital Influencer is not mandatory, applicants with an active personal blog and a visually gorgeous social media feed will be highly regarded. On the personality side, a keen eye for aesthetics, a love of the sea and adventures are a must. 

    A creative residency like no other, combining luxury vacation with inspiration, a perfect setting for the creation of unique content and the making of timeless memories.  All the terms and conditions to become the first Digital Islanders of Kanuhura Maldives are available below.


    1. The application to become Digital islanders for a month on the island resort of Kanuhura Maldives is as follows: Applicants must share a digital content (one or multiple photos or clips) on the social media platform Instagram demonstrating why they would be the ideal Digital Islanders. The content must tag the Instagram account @kanuhuramaldives and depict their photography and/or video editing skills, in addition to their aptitude in creating content around the themes of Travel and Lifestyle.

      When posting the content, the caption should read
      ‘We’ve got what it takes to be the first #DigitalIslanders at @KanuhuraMaldives! We’re ready for a #CreativeResidencyInParadise.

    2.  Applicants have until Monday 19th October 2020 to submit their applications.  The chosen Digital Islanders will be announced on the social media channels of Kanuhura Maldives on Monday 26th October and should be able to arrive at Kanuhura Maldives for its grand reopening, on November 15th 

    3. Applicants must be over 18 years old.  

    1. Applicants must have valid passports.  

    1. Applicants must be able to travel between 13th November and 16th December 2020.  

    1. The management of Sun Limited reserves the right to choose the ideal Digital Islanders for its creative residency at its discretion.  

    1. Applicants must have own Travel and Medical Insurance.  

    1. Chosen Digital Islanders will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result on arrival. 

    1. Seaplane transfers from and to the main island of Male is covered by the resort Kanuhura Maldives.  Flights to the Maldives are at the Digital Islanders’ charge.  

    1. The creative residency consists of a 30-day stay on the island resort of Kanuhura Maldives, on a full-board meal plan, which includes soft-drinks, juice, water and a glass of wine during meals.  Filtrated water bottles are replenished daily in the Digital Islanders’ villa. 

    1. Digital Islanders can dine in the various bar and restaurants of Kanuhura, to the condition that content, in the form of photos and clips, are created and shared on the social media channels of the digital islanders and of Kanuhura Maldives.  

    1. Digital Islanders will have the opportunity to stay in our Guests Villas to the condition that content, in the form of photos and clips, are created and shared on the social media channels of the digital islanders and of Kanuhura Maldives. 

    1. A garden Villa used for Managerial staff will be proposed to the Digital islanders in the event that the Guest villas are booked.  

    1. Water bottles during meals and in the villa, activities and experiences will be covered by the resort. Extras will be at the Digital Islanders cost.  

    1. Digital islanders will be able to shop at the convenience store reserved for staff. 

    1. Applicants must have own drone, underwater and photography and pc equipment. Use of drone will be subject to prior approval from management team in order to preserve guests’ privacy. Photos including guests will be subject to guests’ disclaimer.  

    1. Digital islanders will liaise with the Sales & Marketing team of the island resort and the Sun Resorts Marketing team based in Mauritius regarding the ongoing content creation and social media postings. 

    1. Kanuhura Maldives will have the rights to use the content created, photos and videos by the Digital Islanders for sales and marketing purposes, online and in print.  

    1. Chosen Digital Islanders will be required to sign an agreement with the above terms and conditions upon admission of the Creative Residency. 

    1. Chosen Digital Islanders will be subject to a Business visa approval.  

    1. The management of Kanuhura Maldives reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change these terms and conditions at any time. 

    1.  The management of  Kanuhura Maldives reserves the right, , in its sole discretion,  to choose the two Digital Islanders of its ‘Creative Residency in Paradise’ campaign.  

    1. The management of Kanuhura Maldives reserves the right to terminate the creative residency if the digital islanders do not meet the agreed quantity and quality of content and social media coverage.       


    Digital Retreats Competition Kanuhura Maldives


    What we are expecting: 

    1. Content should be created on a daily-basis in the form on Instagram and Facebook Stories, posted on the Digital Islanders’ own social media accounts and on the account of Kanuhura Maldives.  

    1. A minimum of 5 edited photos should be sent every 5 days to the marketing team of Kanuhura Maldives.  

    1. One edited video clip of a duration of approximately one minute should be submitted every week.  Thematics are: Sealife, Acccommodation, Culinary Offer, flora, activities, and experiences available on the island. 

    1. The content should be created using a variety of tools and equipment:  Drone, underwater camera, video stabilizer and high-precision cameras. 


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