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The Ultimate Evening Experiences at Kanuhura

March 16 2020

Treating yourself and your loved ones to a phenomenal holiday in a glorious destination is a great way to unwind. And taking the time to “reset” is becoming more and more important; as our lives become increasingly unbalanced and stressful, it’s vital to carve out time for the things and people that you love. Island holidays are phenomenal because they allow you to reconnect with nature, embrace the languid island lifestyle and spend actual quality time with your favourite people.

When you stay at Kanuhura, you are able to take luxury island living to the next level. From gorgeous boho-inspired design elements and architectural touches to pristine golden beaches, scintillating azure waters and sublime signature experiences, there are myriad ways to enjoy your special time in this natural wonderland. In life, it’s often the novel and unusual activities and experiences that stay with us the most and Kanuhura offers so many magical ways to while away the time with your loved ones in paradise. 

The best part about a stay here? Fabulous moments at Kanuhura aren’t just reserved for the sunshine; some of the most sensational and unique activities can be enjoyed here at night. Have we piqued your interest? Then here are some of the best evening experiences to revel in at Kanuhura:

The Maldivian-themed evening

If you’re the type of traveller who values authentic and immersive experiences that can’t be enjoyed anywhere else in the world, then you definitely won’t want to miss Kanuhura’s enchanting Maldivian evening.

The Maldivian dinner is truly sublime; the ever-abundant buffet at A Mano is laden with delectable traditional dishes (which centre on three main ingredients, typical of the country’s cuisine: coconut, fish and starches). The stunning dishes will be punctuated by exotic flavours and will boast the perfect balance of tanginess, spiciness and sweetness. 

Some of the Maldivian buffet highlights include:


  • Bis Keemiyaa — perfectly created pastries with egg and tuna.
  • Mas Huni — a delightful tuna, coconut and chili salad. 
  • Kulhimas — delicious chili tuna.
  • Kulhi Boakibaa — special Maldivian fish cakes.
  • Garudhiya — traditional fish soup. 
  • Dhon Riha — exotic Maldivian tuna curry.
  • Fihunu mas — masterfully grilled fish
  • Handulu Bondibai — a moreish sweetened sticky rice.

While food is a huge part of this fantastic Maldivian experience, guests fortunate enough to stay over one of these evenings will also be able to enjoy a spectacular Bodu Beru performance.

The Bodu Beru itself is a Maldivian drum made of the wood of a coconut tree, and its rhythmic sounds are accompanied by dancing. All the Bodu Beru performers will be dressed in traditional clothing which showcases the vibrance of the Maldives. Guests are encouraged to dance along with them, barefoot in the sand, and try their hand at Bodu Beru drumming—it’s a fantastic part of the experience, filled with uninhibited joy and energy. It’s a truly wonderful way to enjoy and better understand the culture of the Maldives. One thing is for sure, the Maldivian evening at Kanuhura is not something you are likely to forget. 

The dig-in dinner and starlight cinema experience

Kanuhura dinner

Picture this: you have enjoyed a spectacular day in the Maldives and as dusk settles in and the sky fades from indigo to black, the stars start to appear while you are led to the front of your villa for an unrivalled experience. On your little villa beachfront, not far from the water’s edge, chairs and a table have been masterfully dug into the sand and a special ambiance has been created through the use of candles and lanterns. Table and seat covers as well as cushions are added for comfort—it’s a luxury island dinner setup like no other. 

There are several menu options to choose from for the dig-in dinner, such as those centring on seafood and lobster (you can pick special menus for children* if your little ones are joining you) or perhaps you would prefer to choose by theme, such as “full moon”, “romantic” and “starlight”. The fun doesn’t end there, you also have the choice of certain add-ons, like a bonfire to enhance the magical atmosphere further. 

Your beachside experience is made all the more enjoyable with the inclusion of the outdoor cinema experience. A big screen and excellent sound system will be set up under the stars for you, and you will be able to choose from over 60 movies that cover a variety of categories (with different languages and subtitle options). Popcorn will be served to amplify the moment further, and you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy Kanuhura’s fabled starlight cinema (with the added bonus of no queues, no commercials and no people, other than your nearest and dearest). This is the way to live! 

Big screen Kanuhura

You can watch the movie while you eat if you so wish, but however you decide to relish this experience, it’s a truly fantastic way to make lifelong memories with your family or significant other, breathe in the fresh air, feel the breeze, connect with the tropical nature around you and immerse yourself in the island lifestyle. What more could you possibly need or want?

The night dives

If you are an experienced and certified diver, then one of the most magical ways to relish an evening at Kanuhura would be to go on a night dive. The Maldives is known for the excellent diving opportunities here as well as the rich marine life; from the beautiful, vivid corals and tropical fish to sharks, mantas and turtles. The night dives offer an experience at Kanuhura you’re not likely to ever forget. 


night dive creatures kanuhura
Photo by Britta Tippelt (owner of Dive Center)

Divers who are able to enjoy this experience will need to have an open water diver course (or above) and they will dive with licensed instructors. The typically 45-minute dive is only open to a limited number of people at a time, which also allows for personalised dives based on the group’s preferences. The dives take place in Kanuhura’s “neighbourhood”—a 25-minute journey by boat will take you to the perfect night-dive spot and should satisfy the needs of more advanced participants. 

Divers, equipped with special lamps to attract nocturnal sea life, can embrace this unique experience, where they stand the chance of seeing amazing sea creatures that are not visible during the day. 

Kanuhura sea creature
Photo by Britta Tippelt (owner of Dive Center)

With the chance to see decorated spider crabs, turtles, shrimps, morays, sharks and more, as well as rainbow-coloured reef corals which take on a new life at night—this is an unmissable experience for avid diving fans visiting Kanuhura. 

 Twilight spa experience

A visit to the tranquil Kokaa Spa at Kanuhura is always a good idea. There’s something quite magical, however, about “having the place to yourself” when you opt for a romantic night experience with your beloved, or a family self-care evening at the luxury spa (it’s never too early to teach your kids the benefits of self-care).

Kanuhura kokaa spa

Enjoy the calm, relaxing music, the ambience created by the dimmed lights and aromatic fragrances of the spa. Relish the spa facilities (like the sauna) with your special person, indulge in a romantic bath prepared with perfumed water decorated with petals, make the most of the Jacuzzi and drift into serenity with a couples massage treatment—this is pure bliss. Pre- or post-treatment, take a moment to appreciate the spa with a cup of ginger tea enjoyed in the relaxation zone for the perfect way to destress. 

The benefits of magical spa treatments enjoyed after opening hours is that you can take advantage of the absolute privacy and personalised service while being able to relish special moments with your partner (it’s quality time like this that can strengthen and deepen your relationship) or family. Indulging in a nighttime spa experience also helps to destress, can assist you in sleeping better and will inspire you to practice mindfulness and embrace hygge (the idea of recognising the joy or meaning in ordinary experiences and embracing the positive mood that arises from this). For those who prefer an in-villa massage experience, evening massages are also offered in the comfort of your room. 

massage at Kokaa Spa

If you are ready for a much-needed tropical escape to paradise, where exceptional moments and experiences can be enjoyed day and night and are sure to lead to lifelong memories, then book your stay at Kanuhura. A holiday here promises to be extraordinary. 


*Kids aged between 6 and 12 years old pay half price for normal menus, or, if you order in advance, you can select meals from the kids menu.


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