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    The Most Romantic Spots at Kanuhura

    March 17 2020

    Kanuhura—the five-star paradise located in the Lhaviyani Atoll—is synonymous with glamour and romance. Enchanting tropical gardens surround stunning villas decorated in a distinct, bohemian-chic style. These villas flow seamlessly into gorgeous, powder-white beaches and sparkling sapphire blue waters, home to a vivid underwater wonderland. 

    Along these golden shores, wild-hearted travellers are given ample opportunity to revel in the unusual and magnificent; from sunset-hued cocktails enjoyed in bohemian teepees, floating breakfasts served in your private villa pool, starlight cinema experiences and more—At Kanuhura, guests are able to enjoy exceptional moments that are sure to inspire Timeless Memories that last a lifetime. 

    While Kanuhura makes for a fabulous backdrop for a family holiday in the Maldives, it’s truly special for loved up couples, seeking a tranquil and romantic hideaway unlike any other. Here, along palm-fringed beaches, on the neighbouring deserted islands and in the topaz waters, you can enjoy some unparalleled special moments with your favourite person.

    Romantic getaway at Kanuhura


    As February is the month of love, it’s the perfect time to visit Kanuhura and seek out the island’s most magical and romantic spots for smitten couples looking to revel in both the beauty of the destination and their love. 

    Interested to know the top romantic spots at Kanuhura? Here are some of our favourite ones:

    The heart of Kanuhura

    At the very heart of this incredible, whimsical, bohemian paradise, are some of the most romantic spots to while away your time with your loved one. Grab a sumptuous snack from the Deli and pick a secluded spot to enjoy it with a stunning view or play a game of chess on the giant chessboard, surrounded by lush, tropical scenery.

    Being the centre of the island resort, this really is the heart of Kanuhura which makes it the perfect spot to relish some time with your beloved. 

    The unique water villas

    For many, the Maldives is synonymous with five-star luxury hotels, complete with exceptional villas that fan out from the resort and rise from the glittering Indian Ocean waters themselves. But there are few places as romantic as one of the Water Villas at Kanuhura. 

    Kanuhura water villas

    Enjoy an unforgettable morning watching the sunrise over the ocean from the balcony of your Water Villa with your loved one in your arms, lie in one of the three hammocks and relish an unparalleled stargazing opportunity as you float above the lagoon (there’s nothing more romantic than counting the stars with your loved one from the hammock facing the sea) and take a moment to enjoy the amazing marine life that passes under or near your water villa day and night (under the hammock in the bathroom, there are lights on the water). A stay in one of the Water Villas is quite incredible.

    Masleggihura Island

    The island resort paradise of Kanuhura is actually made up of three islands; Kanuhura itself and the two small neighbouring deserted islands, Jehunuhura and Masleggihura. Kanuhura offers wonderful and novel experiences at both of these islands, but if you are looking for something private and wonderfully special, then you should definitely opt for a Robinson Crusoe island experience at Masleggihura.

    Here, on this untouched slice of paradise, you can make the most of an exclusive picnic for you and your special person. Enjoy the privacy (no other guests are allowed on the island if you book a picnic here), exclusivity and the ability to totally disconnect from everything (there’s no internet here!), except the beauty of nature and your sweetheart. A chic, shaded cabana surrounded by tropical greenery will be set up for a luxurious day in the sun, complete with cushions and an amazing ocean view.


    Enjoy hours of suntanning with your partner, swim and snorkel in the lagoon, embrace the experience of having a butler provide you with snacks, eats and beverages (there are different picnic menus to choose from which come with a small fee) and spend the day relaxing in a bohemian-chic paradise created just for the two of you.


    The exceptional dinner-only Veli restaurant delights and surprises guests with their Asian-fusion dishes that are simply sublime. This restaurant boasts an incredibly romantic atmosphere with tea lights on the tables and the sounds of the waves, a stone’s throw from the restaurant, which provides the ultimate background “music”. Dine by the sea or close to the live cooking stations for a different experience or indulge in the special Korean barbeque option served at a special Yakiniku table (which is extremely popular with new and repeat guests).

    Savour an extraordinary dinner at Veli to the sounds of the ocean with your love—this is an experience you are sure to remember.

    Kokaa Spa

    The gorgeous butterfly-inspired Kokaa Spa (“kokaa” means “butterfly” in the local language Dhivehi), is the ultimate place to indulge in some pampering with your partner. Book a suite for the two of you to ensure that you have a private changing room and Jacuzzi and can enjoy a couples treatment in privacy. Not sure which of the incredible treatments to choose? We highly recommend something a little unusual and authentic; the Maldivian Theyo Dhemun—a perfect option for couples.

    Kokaa spa treatment at Kanuhura

    This traditional Maldivian body treatment centres on a special oil massage (“Theyo” translates to “Oil” and “Dhemun” to “Massage”) that both relieves muscle tension and enhances relaxation. During the treatment, warm, aromatic, virgin, Maldivian coconut oil is drizzled over the body and used to facilitate a healing massage, which unlocks tension and release stress from the mind and body. It’s an absolute must-try. 

    Iru Beach

    One look at a picture of Iru Beach and it’s not difficult to understand why this incredible beach is considered to be one of the most romantic spots on Kanuhura. The word “Iru” means “sun” in Dhivehi, and this beach is by far one of the ultimate places to soak up some vitamin D and watch the mesmerising Maldivian sunset, ideally, with one of the signature cocktails in hand or a mojito that you have made yourself along with the help of the bartenders at the Teepee Mojito Station.

    Iru Beach

    It’s a fabulous spot to take some bohemian-inspired pictures (that are sure to be Instagram-worthy!), especially as the sky is illuminated by the colours of sunset; candyfloss pinks, soft purples and dazzling golds.

    This beach is as close to perfect as you can get, complete with palm trees, hammocks, a sublime bar, comfortable sunbeds, beach teepees, sea views, amazing sunsets and soft, white sands. 

    Kanuhura’s villa pools

    Looking for a fabulous spot to share with your darling while cooling down and taking in the sublime destination? Then your very own villa pool (if you choose to stay in one of the pool villas) is an excellent place to do just that. Thanks to the way the accommodation is built, each villa is secluded so you can enjoy one-on-one time with your love in privacy. Opt for the special floating breakfast, served on a tray in the pool itself, for an unparalleled breakfast experience, one you are sure to never forget. 

    Floating Breakfast at Kanuhura

    You can even upgrade your villa to a Water Pool Villa (if available), one of the villas on stilts in the ocean but complete with your very own private pool. Here, you will have an unrivalled background to capture beautiful moments with your love, you can create a special outdoor relaxation zone, enjoy absolute privacy, relish moonlit romance as you watch the stars from your pool and indulge in unique floating experiences. This is what luxury island living should be like!

    At Kanuhura, there’s certainly no shortage of romantic places and experiences to share with your most important person. Along the breathtaking shores here, you can start and end the day (as well as enjoy every moment in between) in the most fabulous ways—it’s these unique and exclusive experiences that inspire lifelong memories. 

    Interested in treating your beloved to a romantic experience that is sure to delight them in every way? Then book a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kanuhura.


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