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Celebrating the Women at Kanuhura

March 06 2020

From New Year’s day and religious festivals such as Ramadan to Mother’s Day, Spring Festivals and various National Days, there is a diverse array of observances each year, and a hugely important one is just around the corner. March 8th marks International Women’s Day (IWD), or the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, a day that has been observed since 1911 and that centres on celebrating the achievements (social, cultural, political and economic) of women across the globe and throughout history and also raises awareness of gender inequality and calls for greater parity.

While International Women’s Day is only recognised as a public holiday in some parts of the world, the occasion is still marked in different ways across the globe and rightly so—as the International Women’s Day website states, the day is all about “...unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.”

At Kanuhura, In light of this important day, we would like to take a moment to celebrate the incredible and strong women who work at our special gem—we chatted with a few of them to gain greater insight into their lives, their work and their experiences as women. Here’s what you should know about some of the women who work at Kanuhura:

Women from all over the world work at Kanuhura

The incredible team at Kanuhura is made up of people, and in this case, women, from all over the world. Here’s an introduction to the women we spoke with:

Kanuhura Women's Day Ulrike Walter
Ulrike Walter (Uli) - Kanuhura's Head of Rooms Division (from Germany)


Ulrike Walter (or Uli) Kanuhura’s Head of Rooms Division, hails from Germany. She was approached on LinkedIn by Kanuhura’s Head of HR and thought the chance to work at a luxury island resort in the Maldives was a wonderful opportunity. She loves the teamwork at Kanuhura and the feeling of satisfaction when guests leave the resort happy.


Kanuhura Maldives women Aminath Nasma
Aminath Nasma -  Kanuhura's Senior Guest Experience Associate (from Maldives)


The resort’s Senior Guest Experience Associate, Aminath Nasma (or Nasma) is Maldivian, and she’s always wanted to work in the tourism industry, which would give her a chance to meet and work with amazing people from around the world. She loves her beautiful country and at Kanuhura, she relishes the constant support given by Kanuhura and the people she gets to work with.


Kanuhura Women Ni Kadek Yudiani
Ni Kadek Yudiani (Yudiani) -  Kanuhura's Demi Chef De Partie ( from Indonesia)


Ni Kadek Yudiani (Yudiani), the Demi Chef De Partie from Indonesia, loves islands and nature and felt that working in Kanuhura was the perfect workplace away from the crowds. She treasures the ability to make friends from different countries.


Kanuhura Women's day Aminath Rafaahath
Aminath Rafaahath (Rafaa) - Kanuhura's Kids Club Counsellor ( from Maldives)


Aminath Rafaahath (Rafaa) one of the resort’s Kids Club Counsellors, is proudly Maldivian and wanted to contribute to the development of her country. She loves to ensure her guests have experiences that inspire Timeless Memories while Chonlada Suwannahong (Ann) from Thailand was drawn to the beauty of the Maldives and loves the support of her colleagues who have all become good friends of hers.

Kanuhura Women's Day Chonlada Suwannahong
Chonlada Suwannahong (Ann) -  From Thailand


We asked these women some questions to better understand their experiences as women at Kanuhura. This is what they shared:

  • What are some of the challenges you have experienced as a woman?



As a woman in the workplace, I sometimes find it difficult to be patient and control my emotions. I find that as a woman I tend to be more sensitive and get hurt by things that are impolite.


Traditionally, the hospitality industry in the Maldives was male-dominated. It actually used to be “taboo” for women to work in the hospitality industry, but now, the mentality has shifted. I believe that if you learn the basics, experiment with your work, keep expectations low and believe in teamwork, anyone can succeed at their job, regardless of gender. There will be obstacles, but it’s important to stay true to yourself and your path. I would love to become a true example of what it looks like to be a successful Maldivian woman and be a role model for local girls who wish to work in the hospitality industry.


Some people judge me and think I’m an irresponsible mother because I have chosen to work abroad. Many people still believe that a woman’s place is at home looking after her children, but what they don’t understand is that as a mother, I need to step out of the house to feed my kids and to provide the best possible life I can for them. It shouldn’t matter that I am a woman—man or woman, at the end of the day, I’m a parent.

  • What do you consider important in your workplace? Have you found it at Kanuhura?



For me, the most important thing in the workplace is the respect and equality between all the team members, and having the work that each team member contributes appreciated, regardless of their designation. And I have found that in Kanuhura, which is the major reason why I love to work here.


I think it’s vital that your work challenges you and that you have cooperation within your team. Being able to gain experience and constantly improve is very important as well, and I feel that I have all of this at Kanuhura. 


One of the most important things about the workplace is that the staff are supported and this happens at Kanuhura. It makes us feel more important and more like family, not just employees. 

  • Do you have a female idol/guru that inspires you? 



No, not really, but a few years ago, I met an amazing Ethiopian lady and we had some interesting conversations. She was a successful businesswoman and she had a very impressive personality, but one thing she said made me think. She said, "By being a white and European woman, you don't know half of the hardship African women experience. You are privileged and don't actually realise it". So, I think that those women deserve special respect. 


My mom is an incredible example to me. Because she never complained or allowed her gender, or any inequality around gender, to hold her back. According to her, women and men were equal, so women also need to have an education and a decent job. If men could have the spirit and work hard to be successful, women could do the same.


Professionally, the Head of Rooms Division, Miss Uli, has become my Woman Guru. Miss Uli has been a constant source of inspiration and knowledge for as long as I have known her. She has always given me valuable advice when I needed it and encouraged me to face the challenges that came my way. 

  • Do you have a message for other women at Kanuhura?



Don't be satisfied with less than what you desire—go for what you want, strive for it, work hard and fulfil your goals.


To all the women at Kanuhura, I would like to say just keep going. Support each other and be strong together. There is nothing we cannot achieve and keep reaching for your dreams. I wish you all the best! 


Never give up, remain patient and use the past as experience. Regardless of your age, gender, status, the country you come from or the religion you practice, always be grateful for the incredible jobs we have at Kanuhura. 


Women often suffer from a crisis of confidence in the workplace, and my piece of advice is to develop your own self-confidence, listen to your intuition and always follow your dreams, they tend to become true. I truly believe in it. We should never limit ourselves and rather should always keep moving. Keep this in mind and you will write your own success story.


Be a woman of excellence and pride. Value yourself how you would like others to value you. Be the best at what you do and know that women are as important as men, so no one is better than anyone, we were all created equally, perhaps just with different purposes. Happy Women’s Day!

Gender equality at Kanuhura filters from the top down

In light of this auspicious day and the meaning it holds, Kanuhura’s General Manager, Clency Romeo, had this to add: “At Kanuhura, we firmly believe in gender equality. We are proud to have had an increasing number of female employees working at Kanuhura over the years, in every department and at all levels. We also understand that having a family and a career can be a balancing act and strive to support all our staff to ensure that each person is able to reach their full career potential while maintaining a good work-life balance. Having a happy workforce is important to us, and, ultimately, also ensures that all our guests have the best possible experience. So, here’s a special thank you to all our brilliant staff who are helping to create a more gender-inclusive world.”

Interested in enjoying the holiday of a lifetime at this magical oasis, where all of the incredible women—and men—who work here will ensure that you have the time of your life? Then book a stay today—it promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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