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    10 Timeless Memories for a Romantic Getaway at Kanuhura, Maldives

    January 28 2020

    Life has an uncanny way of getting incredibly chaotic; between forging ahead in a career, family obligations and ensuring that you still have enough time for friends, a fitness regime and healthy habits, it’s often difficult to give your significant other the full attention they deserve.

    One of the best ways to reconnect with your favourite person is to book a trip to a magical destination where you can get away from the humdrum of normal life and routine and relish some quality time together. And there’s no better place to do just that than in the Maldives.

    Spending quality time with your loved one in the Maldives is something that you are sure to remember for the rest of time. It also gives you the chance to feed and nourish the emotional bonds of your relationship—a romantic getaway with your loved one can be seen as an investment in the partnership. And with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, there’s no better time or ‘excuse’ to book your sensational, unforgettable holiday in the Maldives.

    And if you and your loved one are free-spirited, wild-hearted gypsetters, there’s no better place to book than the magical five-star oasis of Kanuhura. At Kanuhura, you can indulge in an array of signature ‘Timeless Memories’ offerings exclusive to the hotel—it’s the truly unique and exceptional moments that linger in the mind long after the flight back home.

    Interested in a sensational holiday in paradise with your favourite person? Then here are 10 Timeless Memories offerings to take advantage of during a romantic holiday at Kanuhura:

    Romantic decorations and bubble baths

    Romantic luxury holidays in the Maldives centre on the extraordinary and exciting and everyone at Kanuhura is there to help you create the holiday of your dreams. Surprise your loved one with a memorable room setup and bubble bath. Enter your room to find gorgeous floral bed decorations (perhaps wishing you well on a special occasion like a honeymoon) and a bubble bath (which can be arranged on request for honeymooners or couples by the villa host, who will be more than happy to pamper and spoil you).

    You can also surprise and delight your special someone with an exclusive dinner somewhere extraordinary on the island, with special occasion decorations (such as candles, flowers and unique arrangements). The F&B department will go out of their way to ensure your Timeless Memories moment in paradise is unforgettable. If it’s your loved one’s birthday, you can request a special cake, created especially for them (this incurs a fee) and gorgeous decorations—at Kanuhura, your special person deserves to feel like the VIP they are.

    Cycling around Kanuhura

    Each villa at Kanuhura comes complete with bicycles (which can be used for free) which provides the ultimate way to explore the stunning island. Cycle through lush tropical gardens and embrace the natural beauty of Kanuhura or enjoy the wondrous surrounds by taking a long walk or jog on the beach. This magical island is worth exploring to its full and doing so with your significant other makes it all the more exceptional.

    Private yoga classes

    Start a glorious day at Kanuhura in the best possible way with a private sunrise yoga class. The personal yoga instructor will conduct the class according to the needs and ability of both you and your partner which means starting the day not only in a healthy way but in exactly the right way for the both of you. Gently move through the tailored yoga sequences and relish the beauty and tranquillity of dawn in the Maldives.

    Special Breakfast for two

    Post-yoga session, indulge in a special breakfast for two either at the resort’s suburb main restaurant A Mano or with a more unusual setup. The options of where to eat your breakfast are many, from barefoot on-the-beach dining at A Mano (between 07:00 and 10:30 every day), by the sea, with your feet in the lagoon (this can be enjoyed on request between 07:00 and 08:30 but incurs a setup fee) or in the privacy and comfort of your villa. There are five in-villa breakfast options to choose from including a champagne breakfast and the newly-introduced floating breakfast option.

    There are a number of floating experiences to be enjoyed at Kanuhura that are sure to inspire Timeless Memories. Apart from the floating breakfast mentioned above (which is served on a floating tray and created to be enjoyed in the villa pool), you and your loved one can also enjoy a floating cocktail, floating sushi experience and much more.

    Unrivalled couples massages

    The sensational Kokaa Spa at Kanuhura is the ultimate place to go for a spot of pampering and some self-care. There are nine treatment rooms at the spa, with three double rooms for couples treatments and a spa suite, perfect for special spa experiences with your love. The spa suite is a double treatment room that has its own private Jacuzzi and changing room.

    You also have the option of enjoying a treatment on the Beach Pavilion where you can enjoy a relaxing spa experience in total privacy to the sound of the waves lapping the shore. Embrace a Balinese, Holistic or Swedish Couples Massage, any of which will allow you to surrender to tranquillity and enjoy a memorable moment in paradise with your loved one.

    ​ Kokaa Wellness Retreat and Spa - Kanuhura Maldives ​
    Kokaa Wellness Retreat and Spa - Kanuhura Maldives


    Unforgettable weddings or vow renewals

    If you are looking to plan a wedding somewhere magical or a special spot to renew your vows, there’s arguably no better place on earth for either of those occasions than the sublime surrounds of Kanuhura. There are different packages available to suit your needs and to ensure that your dream day is everything you could ever wish for and more. Whether you are looking for a barefoot, seaside celebration or simply want an authentic and breathtaking backdrop for your special day, Kanuhura is sure to deliver. One thing is for sure, a wedding or vow renewal ceremony at Kanuhura is sure to lead to unrivalled Timeless Memories.

    As mentioned, there are various packages to choose from but some of the inclusions you can expect are a bespoke wedding setup on Iru Beach, a bottle of champagne for the ceremony, a 3-tiered wedding cake, wedding certificate and floral decorations (such as a wedding bouquet and floral head crown for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom as well as a table centrepiece).

    Packages also include a photo shoot to capture all the incredible moments and Timeless Memories, a romantic, private dinner on the beach, a decorated buggy for transfers, a master of ceremony (one of the staff members), an in-villa breakfast or breakfast by the beach and BoduBeru drummers for the arrival of the bride and after the vows.

    Wedding and vow renewal guests are also invited to plant a young coconut tree on Kanuhura, with a personalised sign with the couple’s names to mark the special occasion. This tree will be on the island forever and couples can visit it over the years to watch it thrive and grow along with their relationship.

    Private picnics on Masleggihura

    Kanuhura is made up of the island itself as well as its two deserted neighbouring islands. One of the finest Timeless Memories offerings at Kanuhura is the ability to have a private picnic on Masleggihura, one of these gorgeous deserted gems. Here you can delight in a Robinson Crusoe experience in the middle of the Indian Ocean and a unique private island experience, tasting delicious morsels created especially for you, while relishing the gorgeous turquoise lagoon and the delightful preserved nature of the island. It doesn’t get more romantic than this. Private sunset cruises Spoil your partner to an exceptional experience on the glittering ocean itself with a private sunset cruise. Aboard an authentic dhoni, you will have the opportunity to revel in the glorious spectacle of a Maldivian sunset, sparkling wine in hand. Pair your tipple with some of the moreish canapés on board and marvel at the unbridled beauty of this phenomenal destination.

    Private sunset cruises

    Private sunset cruise at Kanuhura Maldives

    Spoil your partner to an exceptional experience on the glittering ocean itself with a private sunset cruise. Aboard an authentic dhoni, you will have the opportunity to revel in the glorious spectacle of a Maldivian sunset, sparkling wine in hand. Pair your tipple with some of the moreish canapés on board and marvel at the unbridled beauty of this phenomenal destination.


    Novel dining experiences

    Exclusive and utterly romantic dinners shared with your soulmate are sure to be remembered for the rest of time and at Kanuhura, there are a variety of exceptional options when it comes to where to set your special evening. From amongst fragrant herbs in the Chef’s Garden to seaside experiences, there’s something for everyone. One of our favourites, however, has to be a “dig-in dinner” where a table and seats are dug into the sand—a “sunken table” if you will—and which is then surrounded by candles and lights. You can appreciate a specially prepared dinner on the beach to the sound of the sea and under the stars—it’s nothing short of magical.


    Sunsets at Iru Beach

    Dining experience


    There’s something wondrous and mesmerising about watching a sunset, especially when you are surrounded by pristine tropical surrounds of a highly sought after destination. While a sunset Dhoni Cruise is highly recommended, simply watching a sunset from the dreamy shores of Iru Beach is just as special.

    Iru Beach is believed by many to be the best place from which to watch the Maldivian sunset and the experience is complemented by vibey music, gypset decor (think boho-inspired swings and teepees) and an unbelievable variety of classic and signature cocktails that will have you coming back for more. Savour the incredible quality time with your beloved as you soak up this sensational experience in paradise—this is the beauty of island living.

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s literally no better time to book a romantic escape for a day in absolute heaven with your beloved and it makes for the most exceptional gift for your special someone. This is set to be a Valentine’s Day to remember; couples staying at Kanuhura over 14 February 2020 will be spoilt with special surprises and an exclusive dinner prepared for the occasion. Trust us, you are not going to want to miss this Valentine’s Day at Kanuhura!

    Looking for a special place to take your significant other this Valentine's Day, or for a memorable trip away? Then get in touch with us. We will ensure that you and your favourite person have the trip of a lifetime.


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