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Environmental Initiatives by Kanuhura

December 30 2019

The gorgeous mirage-like resort of Kanuhura is located in the Lhaviyani Atoll and is the definition of perfection. The designer, five-star, luxury gypset hotel fades into white, sugar-fine sands that fade into a lagoon that shimmers in every shade of blue. From glam water villas, boho hammocks and teepees on the beach to exceptional culinary delights, unforgettable signature experiences, high-end facilities and more, it’s the ultimate island holiday destination.
Kanuhura’s exceptional qualities, however, are not merely skin-deep. This hotel - much like the other establishments in the Sun Resorts portfolio - is committed to green initiatives and eco-friendly offerings and is constantly trying to find better, kinder and more earth-friendly ways of doing things. The resort also has a strong desire to preserve their beautiful island, and the two neighbouring islands, to the best of their ability as well as all of the flora and fauna that call these islands home. 
Kanuhura is a bountiful wonderland for all who are fortunate enough to visit it - and Sun’s goal is to ensure that this remains the case for many years to come. Here’s some insight into the amazing nature that thrives here and what environmental initiatives are put in place by Kanuhura to ensure it continues to do so: 
Kanuhura is an abundant oasis 
The gorgeous luxury resort island of Kanuhura spans 1.4kms long and is 350m wide. Every inch of the island is considered important to those who work there and those who visit. Kanuhura’s title of “unfettered paradise” has been earned here: the natural, untouched beach, which wraps all around Kanuhura is pristine; nature has been beautifully preserved on the resort island itself and its two neighbouring islands Jehunuhura & Masleggihura. What’s more, dolphins, sharks, colourful fish, mantas, turtles and corals thrive in the lagoon and every effort is in place to protect the rich marine life.

Orchid Garden

Much emphasis has been put on the wellbeing of the islands and their exotic gardens, with an incredible team of 16 dedicated gardeners to ensure the vegetation is well looked after every day. This team is also responsible for the island’s unique orchid gardens (where guests can find Kanuhura’s very own rare orchid) and magical Chef’s Herb Garden (fresh herbs and vegetables are grown and occasionally used in some of the dining outlets), where a private dining experience can be enjoyed by guests on request. 
Kanuhura’s intention is to be as natural as possible, which is why instead of building boundary walls, much care and consideration has been put into building vegetation walls between the villas for privacy. This has the added benefit of providing a great backdrop for a cup of coffee enjoyed with a view and spectacular holiday in paradise.
The desire to constantly find ways to be more eco-conscious and earth-friendly is at Kanuhura’s core. The esteemed General Manager, Clency Romeo, encourages and promotes the environmental activities and initiatives in and around the island to ensure the island is able to flourish. 

Kanuhura boasts its own Marine Biology Centre 

If anyone is still unsure about Kanuhura’s commitment to marine life, then their very own on-site Marine Biology Centre should allay any concerns. What’s more, the centre at Kanuhura is affiliated to the local non-profit organisation, the Atoll Marine Conservation Centre. The main marine centre is situated on the local island of Naifaru and it’s their mission to preserve the marine environment.

The Atoll Marine Conservation Centre has four main focuses: sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation, coral restoration, clownfish breeding and community-based programmes to include locals in their initiatives in order to raise awareness of the threats to the Maldives, and what can be done to help. 

Turtle nesting

The goals of Kanuhura and the Atoll Marine Conservation Centre were aligned, and so, in 2019, the centre opened an office on Kanuhura. This will help them to forge forward with several projects and bring marine conservation awareness to guests and the staff of Kanuhura.

In recent years, Kanuhura and its neighbouring islands have become nesting grounds for endangered sea turtle species. The marine biologist stationed at Kanuhura is at the helm of the sea turtle projects on the island and works hard to protect and conserve the population. 

Each day the marine biologist patrols the islands to ensure nests are protected and respected and that the hatchlings have the best chance of making it to the ocean. They also observe the hatching events closely and record data which is added to a global database. This helps to have greater insight and understanding of sea turtles.

The wild population of the sea turtles who frequent Kanuhura’s shores and lagoon is also recorded along with ID shots of each side of a turtle’s head. The scales located here are essentially like the turtle’s “fingerprints” and can be used to identify individuals. This is valuable information, as it helps to determine Kanuhura’s resident population and to understand more about their life cycles. 

Kanuhura’s marine biologist has also launched a coral restoration programme which is in place to encourage the growth of coral in optimal conditions and replanting coral where the reef health has suffered. This is done using coral frames, lines and trees, and is an incredibly important initiative as it helps to fight the loss of our reefs worldwide. 

Guests can partake in this activity by adopting a coral fragment to be planted or even by assisting the marine biologist in planting an entire frame. Donations from this activity are forwarded to the Atoll Marine Centre, who use them to further their work on coral restoration and sea turtle rehabilitation programmes. But that’s not all - guests can also enjoy Sea Turtle Safaris (educational and exciting), a Reef Discovery excursion to better understand coral reefs (and the threats, challenges and importance of them) as well as marine conservation talks both for adults and at the resort's kids club. 

If you happen to be on the island at the right time, you could be lucky enough to witness sea turtle releases (a sublime activity for kids as well), nest excavations or even a private tour around the island led by the marine biologist (for guests interested in learning more). Weekly activities are complimentary, but donations are much appreciated. Day trips to the Atoll Marine Centre are possible as well, where guests can see all the work being put into the projects first hand and see sea turtles being rehabilitated. 

A long-term goal for Kanuhura is to set up their own turtle centre, which could act as a forever home for those that can’t be re-released and to help spread awareness to guests. 

Kanuhura goes green wherever possible

Kanuhura goes to great lengths to ensure that they are as green and earth-friendly as possible. Here are some examples of how else they are making a difference:

- Kanuhura’s bathroom amenities throughout the hotel are provided by Zenology. Most of the ingredients used for these products come from renewable sources and beautifully blend active botanicals and vitamins. In short, they are good for the planet and good for guests!
- The hotel does its utmost to limit unnecessary washing cycles by allowing guests the choice of having their linen changed every second day instead of daily.


- There are several nature activities on offer that help guests to connect with their surroundings and assist in raising awareness of environmental issues. One such activity is coconut tree planting. 
- Only paper straws are used throughout the island and efforts are in place to reduce the use of other single-use plastics (such as bottling their own water in reusable glass bottles).
- The spa products are 95% organic and the steam room and sauna are turned off when not in use. 

Kanhura’s staff is committed to being as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible 

The Sun Group and their SUNCARE programme believe that “caring for the people and the planet” is not only a company responsibility but also a condition for long-term business success. In-line with that thinking, the efforts to be more sustainable are taken seriously by everyone at Kanuhura. 

The staff here do their utmost to be more eco-friendly and lessen their negative impact on the surrounds. From arranging monthly beach cleanups, raising awareness regarding environmental issues (with guests, locals, suppliers, etc.), cleaning light fixtures to improve efficiency and closing doors and windows to reduce heating and cooling efforts to switching off electric devices when not in use, implementing energy reduction practices and the limiting of printing in colour and printing in general, they do many small things that have a big impact overall. They also reuse where possible, recycle electronic appliances (or donate them) and use concentrated, earth-friendly cleaning supplies. 

Additionally, Kanuhura periodically reviews the effectiveness of the Sun Group Environmental and Social Policy to ensure they are on track with their efforts or to see if there’s something that could be done better. As a whole, the resort also acquires only good quality products and in the quantities needed and works with suppliers that already have eco-efficiency measures in place and those that use recyclable materials for packaging. Kanuhura also puts a strong focus on locally-made products where possible to support the Maldivian economy as well as mitigate their carbon footprint.

In the spa, special measures have been put in place to ensure that it’s as green as possible. From the introduction of timers and movement detectors, energy-efficient equipment and light bulbs to a pool cover for the heated pool, biodegradable detergents, staff switching off equipment not in use and the education regarding water-saving practices, every measure is taken to lessen the impact on the earth.

Bottle recycling

It’s clear that Kanuhura committed to playing their part in the conservation of natural resources for future generations, protecting the ecosystem and biodiversity, driving sustainable development, preventing pollution, reducing waste and minimising the unnecessary consumption of resources. These combined efforts led them to be given a silver EarthCheck certification

Looking for a luxury resort that shares your sustainable values? Then look no further than Kanuhura. Here, in the heart of paradise, you can enjoy a holiday of a lifetime while having the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing so consciously.

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