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Allow your heart and soul to soar during a close encounter with some of our beautiful creatures during an incredible wildlife activity. Be awed by the majestic nature of some of our most precious marine life and savour the unrivalled experience. It’s moments like these that make you realise how exceptional the world is and how important each creature's place is in it.

Follow the call to the wild

Many of the most outstanding experiences in Maldives involve the tropical sea. Our wildlife activities at Kanuhura hotel provide you with a rare opportunity to see a massive variety of incredible marine creatures in their natural habitat. Join us on this voyage in search of a sight that is totally breathtaking, one sure to resonate with your soul and become etched into your mind for the rest of time. Delight in our speedboat safari as we journey in search of gorgeous pods of dolphins riding the waves and phenomenal manta rays that appear to be flying as they glide through the water.

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