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Journeying to an island paradise surrounded by warm topaz waters means that indulging in the water sports and diving activities is an absolute must. Whether you like to explore the marine life of the shallow reef-protected lagoons while snorkelling or diving or seek the adrenaline rush of the water sports, we are sure to have the right activity for you.


Explore the scintillating waters

Water lovers and sun worshippers have no limit to the ways they can enjoy our tropical playground. Hop on board a private boat and head towards the endless horizon or spend the day sailing the seas on a catamaran. Skim the water’s surface on a canoe or a stand up paddle board, and set your inner thrillseeker free while jet skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, water skiing or mono skiing. “Fly” with our Jetlev-Flyer and enjoy the adrenaline rush on our banana boat and fun tubes. Explore the ocean's hidden wonders with our diving excursions through our PADI centre which also offers various diving courses.

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