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Part of the beauty of the Maldives is the diversity in its cultural make-up. To fully experience the Maldives, we provide you with a number of options for culturally immersive and authentic experiences. Whether your experience takes you to a local village or an orchid garden, with us, you are bound to have a Maldivian adventure like no other.

Relish culturally immersive experiences

The incredible cultural activities at Kanuhura hotel reflect the idiosyncrasies that set the Maldives apart from other destinations; appreciate a coconut tree climbing display, explore a local fishing village and be humbled by the work undertaken at the turtle sanctuary. Visit Kanuhura’s gorgeous orchid gardens, witness the hatching of turtles on Kanuhura’s beaches and be entertained by hermit crab racing. Relish a movie watched under the stars or enjoy the plethora of indoor games. Children are able to have equally wonderful cultural experiences at our exceptional kids' club.

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