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Fitness at your Maldives resort

The air-conditioned Kanuhura fitness suite boasts state-of-the-art equipment from Life Fitness. The weekly activity programme includes yoga, meditation and stretching group classes.

A personal trainer is available to tailor special fitness programmes for guests; private classes with an instructor can also be arranged at the resort.

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Leisure and culture at Kanuhura

Kanuhura is also the cosy and relaxing Lafuz library which invites you to settle down with a good book. The Lava Lounge is equipped with a cinema, here international sporting events are aired on the big screen during major world competitions and karaoke evenings take place.

This Maldives resort is equally proud of Haruge which means “meeting place” in the local language of Dhivehi. This Maldivian Art and Cultural Centre provides guests on holiday on Kanuhura an insight into the unique local cultural scene, offering displays of mat weavers, goldsmiths and lacquer artists as well as demonstrations of the handcraft techniques used to create local souvenirs.

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